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[TNT3] Looking for Beta Testers!

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Hello guys, TNT3 nears completion but this time, before I release the thing, I will get feedback concerning skill, ammo/monster balance, texture errors, misalignments, etc. because TNT2 had a lot of errors when it was released first.

If you want to be Beta Tester for TNT3, you should have eventually a lot of time, a good edit/play skill and a precise eye for errors :)

So, if you want to help me, please goto tormentor667.de, enter the forums and post your thread into the specific board (Forum's at http://tormentor667.covers.de/Tormentor667/forum/index.php )

Why not here? Because beta test is NOT public ;)

I hope, I will get a lot of testers to make this TNT by far the best one in its series :)

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