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Wad Station Reviews

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Bob Larkin has updated his Doom Wad Station with a couple of new Wad reviews. First of all, there's Death From Below by Ace, "one of the best young mappers out there right now and followed up his debut from a couple of months ago with another winner." Second, there's a level from a larger project known as Dismembered, the review of which you can find here.

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Good call on DB.wad, I found it fun and not all that hard. I really enjoyed the refreshing straight forward gameplay and the lack of puzzels. It's size could have supported more monsters, if given the ammo to do them in. A nice medium sized level with real decent attention to detail. I for one, am looking forward to upcoming releases from Ace. In the meantime I am headed back to play DB.wad again :)

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I found it interesting, in DB, that you got a LOT of bullets and shells, but little else in terms of ammo. I got the rocket launcher and plasma gun, but by the end of the level I had emptied both, mostly on the Revenants and Hell Knights at the end. Maybe next time I'll play it in UV; the ending was rather easy (I always play on medium the first time through). I didn't like the shortage of health, though, or the fact that a green armor vest is supposed to last the whole stinkin' level. But other than that it was nice. Had a nice castle/garden feel to it.

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