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TheBlurCafe's MIDIs - MIDI BOX 1

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Hey all!


This is my first topic on DoomWorld, and I wanted it to be meaningful.

I have recently made a BandCamp (TheMIDICafe) where I released some of the MIDIs I am the most proud of, ranging from 2022 to 2023.


Some of them are rock-oriented, some of them aren't. Most of them are short, while others aren't. None of them are mixed properly. It's kind of a mishmash.

Should any of you wish to use them, let me know and I will provide you with the MIDI file.


Here's the link to the BandCamp release: https://themidicafe.bandcamp.com/album/midi-box-1


Below, you will find a brief rundown of each track, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these MIDIs!


AZURE FREEDOM: The first version of this MIDI was made for TWANGO, before being notified that there were a bunch of musicians already contributing (and something about Episode 4 levels in Doom using MUS lumps from previous episodes), so I decided to expand on it. The happier tone in general is something that I consider a breather compared to the rest of my work, it sounds carefree, which I personally like, I envisioned blue skies and green fields when making this.


BRAVE HEART: This one was meant to sound like an RPG battle theme, and I think I may have succeeded, however, the short length might not be your cup of tea. Still, I quite like the mix of orchestral instruments and the guitar. The bass line is also something I enjoyed doing.


HEAT HEIGHTS ~ SPICE OF THE JUNGLE: I composed this MIDI for a hypothetical game about vegetables where you'd go through different food-themed worlds, one of which was meant to be the spicy food world, a sort of tropical island with a volcano, which is the vibe I tried to go for, by adding the "sizzling" in the background and the timpani alongside the marimbas and wins instruments. Making tracks with no guitars is always a nice change of pace.


SHIVERING SUMMIT: Similarly to the previous track, this was written for a cancelled Sonic fan game. I was asked to write a theme that sounded both winter-y and militaristic, and they found this track to work well. I myself like how this came out, even if it takes a different approach from the usual Sonic zone theme. I particularly like the buildup and climax of the song, it really amps you up!


THE ENDLESS BATTLE: This one was inspired by Gundam Wing: Endless Duel's OST (which I really like), and I think I managed to carry its energy to this track. I am quite fond of the guitar harmonics melody, but also of the solo towards the end. One thing I noticed is that in a lot of the tracks I make, I program the drums in a way that would be impossible to replicate in real life. I suppose I'll have to learn how to make them more accurately, still, I guess they sound cool enough.


THUNDERSTORM: Thunderstorm was inspired by Orxon - Labyrinth of Death, from Ratchet Deadlocked (or Gladiator), another OST that I really like. This one and a couple of others in this album were made with the idea of them being used for my own deathmatch maps (that is, whenever I'll make them), so they were made with a specific purpose in mind. It's a bit repetitive, aside from the key change, but I like that guitar solo at the end, I think it really works well within the song and gives it a slightly heroic feel. I should stress that all of these MIDIs were made with FL Studio, and it is a PAIN to do pitch bends and whatnot with it. I've been meaning to try sekaiju to see if it's easier to use for MIDI sequencing.


VOID SATELLITE: Much like Thunderstorm, this one was made for a hypothetical deathmatch map, this time set in space. I was inspired by Unreal Tournament's OST. I like the different sections of this song, and how it sounds like a fight in dire circumstances. The strings part especially, I really like how I did that. That said, the drums and bass might be a bit repetitive, but it shouldn't be too noticeable.


STAR TEARS: Void Satellite's "sequel", in both vision and sound. It keeps that space tone, but in a more melancholic way, it almost sounds sad. I like the twinkle effect, the general electronic sound of the track and the climax, but once again it ends up being a bit repetitive, with little variation. I suppose it works for the intended purpose, still, a nice track.


THE SECOND COMING: I took a cue (as in: I tried to replicate) from Broly: Second Coming's US soundtrack, which featured songs from I.O.N., an in-house group that provided some rocking tracks. The one I took inspiration from in particular is "Why", and it's a damn good song. This track actually started out entirely different, as it was originally meant to sound like "The Only Thing They Fear is You" from Doom Eternal, but I ended up reworking it. I'm proud of the calm part and the following switch-up, I think it avoids making the song repetitive.


RAGE: I really like how this one sounds. It's unique, heavy, and industrial. When listening to this track, I imagine a rusty, Silent Hill 3-esque facility. The climax is interesting, as I used bird sounds to make those howling noises, and the metallic pad which worked well as haunting vocals, instead of using the choir. Not much to say, it's a good track in my eyes, and its dissonant nature works well.


REACH OUT FOR THE SKIES!: My most recent work, as in, I finished this the other day. Originally meant to be a sequel to Thunderstorm (like Star Tears to Void Satellite), it evolved into something more interesting, at least in my eyes. The beginning guitar harmonics set the tone, but what I really like is the "thunder" made with gunshots!

The guitar riff and bass work is pretty nice too, I think the two work quite well, and the timpani does some heavy lifting to make it sound both triumphant and imposing. The piano part was added there for the sake of filling space, but I think it works quite well. The guitar chords and the strings work pretty well for the chorus, I imagine someone with a wide vocal range can actually sing the strings part. After the loop, I originally wanted to end with a key and rhythm change, much like Thunderstorm, however, in the spur of the moment, I added a solo, inspired by games such as Vapor Trail and Desert Assault (both by Data East, both with amazing OSTs), which culminates in a open-sounding ending. I am quite proud of this track because I wasn't able to create something original that I could be happy with in a long time, so this was a well-needed breakthrough. Hope I can continue to make more MIDIs.


If you took the time to read and listen to my music tracks, thank you! It means a lot.

Edited by TheBlurCafe

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These are really awesome, it feels like I'm listening to the OST from some long last SNES game. "Star Tears" and "The Second Coming" were instant (personal) favorites, for sure. I'd love to hear some of these in a Doom map, thanks for sharing!

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Fantastic work! Loved all of them, especially Reach out for the skies and Void Satellite

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I'm working on some snow textures and would really enjoy having Shivering Summit. Maybe I can make a cool Christmas fortress invasion map with it!

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Thank you all for your kind comments, they inspire me to compose more!


On 11/20/2023 at 2:24 PM, DoomGappy said:

I'm working on some snow textures and would really enjoy having Shivering Summit. Maybe I can make a cool Christmas fortress invasion map with it!


Sure thing, I can send you a message with the MIDI file if you want.

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