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[EB] ECS - Week #70: Broadsword Jim Eviternity Co-op

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Euroboros Community Session - Week #70: Broadsword Jim Eviternity Co-op


Greetings! This week in ECS we are playing Co-op in Broadsword Jim and in the maps of Eviternity!


The session commences tomorrow on Sunday, November 19th 2023, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST!


Broadsword Jim is a gameplay mod created by Marian Paddock, featuring cartoony melee-heavy combat with unique firearms which are scarce in ammunition, encouraging the use of the players' heads - literally! - to slice the enemies in half! All weapons have alt-fires, including the player's sword-for-head, adding to the already multiple ways of killing monsters! The official website of Broadsword Jim can be found here!


We combine this fun and unique mod with the brilliant maps of Eviternity, map project lead by Dragonfly which released in 2018 and received one of the 2019 Cacowards! Eviternity's maps are detailed with the beautiful OTEX texture pack by Ukiro, which has influenced a myriad of other projects still to this day to use the same textures!


5LvFB6.png 320px-Eviternity_title.png


Join the Euroboros Discord to participate in this week's Euroboros Community Session, and if you want to suggest content for a future session!


Register now at Euroboros.net to host your own free European Doom multiplayer servers on Zandronum and Q-Zandronum!


Consider supporting Euroboros on Patreon to gain hosting benefits such as extra active server slots!

See you on the session!

- Kaapeli47

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