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Evil Awakenings: All Hallows Eve Pt. 2

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The first post of this story can be found here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=12713

“Wow, was it really that fucking obvious? I’ve been trying to get rid of you for the past seven years.” Acid ranted as he got to his feet. “What are you gonna do about it?” Eric just looked at him, he felt guilty for some reason. Kristen sat at the top of the subway steps, staring down into the abyss. Kristen got up and looked down the road, children played right in the middle of the street, the simplicity of their lives made Kristen even sadder. She began to walk, but to no particular place, just for something to do. She eventually found herself at home, so she just went inside, then to her room. She found serenity here, it was the only place she could be in control, where she could be alone. Amy had also went home, a nice sized two story house, her room was the cellar. She lay in the dark, staring at the pipes running into, out of and over the ceiling, thinking about life and how to escape it. Amy was a very lonely girl, with no one to love or get love from, her many attempts of suicide had failed. People walking down the street would call her names and give her all sorts of problems, just because she was different. Amy got off of her bed and walked to the dresser across from it. A large mirror adorned the wall, it’s frame had intricate designs of demons carved into it. The mirror itself had dried blood spatters all over it, from when Amy’s father was beating her one evening for not cleaning up the mess he made of the house.

Amy hated everything that lived, simply because she didn’t belong into society. She didn’t have blonde hair or blue eyes, she wasn’t a stuck-up bitch who made people feel like shit so she could feel better about herself. She pulled open a drawer and shuffled through clothing until she found what she wanted, a hunting knife she stole from her father. She gazed at the knifes edge, it was serrated, each spine as sharp as the last. She pulled off her gloves and threw them to the floor, and rolled her mesh undershirt up to her elbows. Holding the knife to her forearm, she pulled towards her wrist, opening up the skin and spilling blood. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks as the pain overwhelmed her.

“Why do you hate me so much, God? Why am I isolated?” Amy sobbed in both anger and angst. Her blood now rushed all over the cold, fractured, cement floor, creating large puddles of the crimson fluid. Amy fell to her knees as the pain grew to be too much. This was the first time she cut deep enough to get this much blood, she would eventually pass out from either blood loss or from the immense pain. “Goodbye everybody…especially you…Eric…” Though she hated everything, Amy didn’t hate Eric. She hid her feelings for him well beneath her cold, hateful façade, where it would now remain. Amy lied down in the massive blood pool and closed her eyes…

“Well, Eric, do you have anything to say before I end your existence and become the new High Priest?” Acid questioned as he pulled a dagger from out of his cloak. Eric’s attention was now placed on the blade and what Acid intended to do with it. “I hope you like your Master a lot, because you’re about to spend some quality time with him.” Acid began sadistically cackling as he sprinted at Eric who looked back at the chasm in the ground behind him and then back at him. Swinging the dagger, Acid almost hit Eric but missed and got the knife lodged into the wall. Eric winded his fist back and then drove it into the Acid’s shrouded face. He then grabbed Acid by his head and brought it down against his knee. Falling to the ground, Acid felt his brow, and sure enough it was bleeding. He got up and removed his veil, revealing what he looked like. His face was covered in scars, as was the rest of his body that wasn’t covered in clothing. His hair was a deep white and had streaks of black in it. Acid grinned as he clenched his fist shut, and an eerie glow began to surround his muscular figure. “Are you ready to meet a Super Nova face-to-face, Eric?”

Acid raised his arm so it was pointed directly at Eric, who had retreated about twenty feet down the corridor. Then as Acid opened his fist, a red and orange fireball erupted from his palm. The projectile soared through the air, gaining speed the farther it went. Eric ducked to the floor, letting the sphere of fire hit the wall at the end.

Eric was in complete surprise, “How the fuck did you do that?” Acid laughed for several seconds and then crossed his arms. “Well, answer me!”

Acid just stood there with a grin stretched across his scarred face, “It’s actually quite simple.” Eric was getting impatient, he was curious as to how Acid did that and wanted him to tell his secrets. “But what’s the point of having an enemy that can fight back? But you won’t be alive for long, so I’ll just tell you. You have to gather both spirit and fire energy, to do that you have to be completely relaxed.” Eric nodded his head. “Then you have to concentrate on where the energies will becoming from, my sources for example, where your spirit energy and the energy from the torches scattered around within this labyrinth. Close your hand into a fist, the spirit energy will guide the other energy to your fist. Let the power gather and then point your arm at the intended victim, then open your fist and release the energy.” Eric had been following the steps and was ready to unleash his own Super Nova.

“Before you die, Acid, I have a question. Why the fuck is your hair white and black? I always thought it was blue, what happened?” This was the kind of thing that you didn’t ask when you were in the middle of nowhere with a psychopath.

“This is my demon form you idiot! My human form is different than the demon one, are you that fucking stupid?” Acid sneered as he clenched both of his fists shut. But Eric was already done with his Super Nova and shot it at Acid, who at the moment was readying his own and completely open to attack. The fiery ball of destruction fluttered towards him, and he wasn’t aware of it until it had hit him. The Power of the explosion that ensued sent little pieces of Acid spinning through the air, along with dust and rock particles. Eric wiped flesh and earth from his clothes and face and walked through the warren until he found his way to the mouth of the cave, he exited and went into the sewers. He made his way to the subway and turned on a large TV that sat on a table. He flipped through the channels so the screen data would tell him the time and day. It was already Saturday, and the time was 4:52 A.M.! He’d been gone for hours, he had to check up on Amy and Kristen.

Kristen had skipped school so that she could have some time to think, she thought about Eric mostly. She loved him, but deep inside there was something missing, and she couldn’t figure out what it was. There was a knock at her bedroom door, accompanied by Eric’s voice. Kristen was fast asleep, her covers wrinkled and pushed halfway off the bed onto the floor. Eric pushed open the door and sat on her bed, leaned down and kissed her. Her eyes slowly and lazily, but quickly shot open when she saw Eric. She pulled herself up and rubbed her eyes, Eric looked at her, she was wearing a black tank top and a black, lace thong.

“Kristen, you are undoubtedly the hottest girl on Earth.” Eric slyly assured as groped one of Kristen’s breasts. Smiling, she pulled up her shirt then quickly pulled it down to tease him. “Kris, what happened to Amy? Do you think she’s in trouble or something, I haven’t seen her for a while.”

“No, let’s go to her house, maybe she’s there.” Kristen suggested as she got off the bed and walked towards her dresser. Little did Eric and Kristen know, was that Amy’s parents had found her dying in the basement and took her to the hospital. Eric sat up and walked to the window, as he gazed through the portal he wondered why all the demons he worshiped wanted him dead. When he looked back at Kristen, she had already changed, she was still wearing the tank top and thong, but just put on some pants and a spiked collar. Eric smiled at her as he looked her over. “Well, let’s go,” she said as she went out the door, motioning for Eric to follow. They made their way to Amy’s house, only to find out she was in the hospital. This came as a shock to Eric and Kristen, why would Amy try and kill herself?

“This is horrible, why’d she try to commit suicide?” Kristen queried as they walked through the streets, trying to find the hospital. Eric shrugged his shoulders, he thought it might be because she was always beaten by her parents, but that was just what he thought and not what he knew. They eventually found the hospital, it looked nice enough, but something about it just didn’t seem normal. They pulled open the massive double-doors and were shocked. The interior of the hallway was dimly lit and the lights were short circuiting, making shadows dance about. The floor was stained with congealed urine, blood and liquidized food, a sign that this place was not in good condition. The sad thing, though, this place was the hospital that Amy was at. Eric and Kristen looked around, the walls were stained yellow from lack of refinement, and the air smelled of death and medication. The hospital was a truly disturbing sight, and Eric and Kristen didn’t want Amy to be in this Hell. They made their way to the reception desk, everyone in the lobby was looking at them because they were Goth, but that made no difference.

“Hello, we’re here to visit Amy Black, can you show us to her room?” Eric asked a young, blonde secretary who was also staring at them. Kristen looked around, this place was filled with a lot of older people. The secretary started typing on her computer’s keyboard, then looked up at Eric with her blue eyes.

“She’s in room B17 on the second floor, you’ll need to take the elevator. The elevators are down that hall and to the right, stairs are to the left. Anything else I can help you with?” The secretary quizzed as she grabbed a mug of coffee from the plastic tray on her desk. Eric shook his head and got Kristen’s attention by elbowing her in the breast. She spun her head around to see Eric walking down the hallway, she ran after him.

The white, wooden door creaked open, and the faint light from the corridor peered in. Amy was laying on probably the only clean bed in the whole building. The doctors had removed the pigtails from her hair and now it hung down. Her arm was wrapped in medical bandages, with IV’s sticking, pumping blood and medication into her. Her eyes fluttered open as they began adjusting to the light. Kristen and Eric walked into the room, looking at all of the equipment. Eric seemed particularly interested in the heart monitoring device that made a beeping sound with every heartbeat. Amy tried sitting up but was hindered by the pain in her arm. She was wearing a white hospital gown, the kind with opening in the back so everybody could see your ass. It had a couple blood stains on it from her arm.

“So, when are you getting out?” Kristen inquired as she began looking at Amy’s neatly folded clothes on the dresser. Eric stood looking out the window, he saw James, of all people, walking to the front doors of the hospital.

“Um…” She paused, “A week, I think. They said I’m not allowed to move my arm or get is wet, so I’m not sure how I’m gonna take a shower.” She smirked at Eric who had began paying attention when she said shower. He began to smile.

Kristen looked at Eric, “Me and Eric can give you a bath, rub soap all over you and get you all wet. Right, Eric?” Kristen was intentionally turning Eric on just to fuck with him. It worked, Eric was turned on, and Kristen just kept instigating. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Amy?”

“Hell yeah, I would like that!” She grinned as she peered at the doorway, but that grin was replaced by a look of shock. James was standing there, a grim look upon his chiseled face. He stepped into the room, not looking at anyone but Amy, who was busy frantically searching for the help button. Eric walked towards him, but quickly backed away when he saw what James was holding, a Holy Bible.

A wicked grin stretched across his face as he stopped in front of Amy’s bed. “Well, Amy, looks like you had an accident with your daddy’s knife. Let me ease the pain by giving you this book to read.” He set the thick, brown book next to Amy’s leg, which wasn’t a good place because she nudged it off onto the floor with a clunk. James looked at her, then Eric, then Kristen and finally the book. “Why the fuck did I even bother? Oh wait, I came here for something else. While you were away, the principal announced that he won’t take your shit anymore. If you do anything he’ll expel you, that and the game’s been rescheduled for tomorrow. I’d like to see one of you fuck it up.”

“Fuck you, James. We’ll do whatever the fuck we want, and if he don’t like it he can suck my dick!” Eric boomed as he got in James’ face. Eric was pissed now, he wasn’t about to take any shit from Mr. Eisten. “And you tell him that we’ll be at the game, ‘cause he won’t forget what we’re gonna do.” Eric had made his point, and James was already running out of the hospital. “Kris, get Amy out of bed, we’re building a rocket launcher.” Kristen was shocked, she wanted no part of this. Eric walked out of the room, leaving Kristen and Amy wondering what he was gonna do with his home-made weapon.

“Kristen, what do you thing he’s gonna do?” Amy asked pushing the sheets and covers off of her bed and to the floor. Kristen shrugged her shoulders, Amy looked at her Kristen, ”He isn’t really thinking blowing up something, is he?”

Kristen looked at her in dismay, “It’s Eric we’re talking about, he used to blow up shit when he was a little kid. What would stop him from blowing up shit now?” Amy looked at the doorway, and then began to get up. She pulled the IV’s out of her arm, and winced at the pain. The pain was really bad, but she got up anyways and began putting on her clothes. After several minutes she had only her underwear and dress on, that’s all she could wear, her mesh top and gloves would irritate her arm. “So, Amy, where are we going?”

“To find Eric,” She sighed.

“The clay nozzle is where the igniter is inserted. When the area labeled "thrust" is ignited, the "thrust" material, usually a large single grain of a propellant such as black powder or pyrodex, burns, forcing large volumes of hot, rapidly expanding gasses out the narrow nozzle, pushing the rocket forward. After the material has been consumed, the smoke section of the engine is ignited. It is usually a slow-burning material, similar to black powder that has had various compounds added to it to produce visible smoke, usually black, white, or yellow in color. This section exists so that the rocket will be seen when it reaches its maximum altitude, or apogee. When it is burned up, it ignites the ejection charge, labeled "eject". The ejection charge is finely powdered black powder. It burns very rapidly, exploding, in effect. The explosion of the ejection charge pushes out the parachute of the model rocket. It could also be used to ignite the fuse of a bomb... Rocket engines have their own peculiar labeling system. Typical engine labels are: 1/4A-2T, 1/2A-3T, A8-3, B6-4, C6-7, and D12-5. The letter is an indicator of the power of an engine. "B" engines are twice as powerful as "A" engines, and "C" engines are twice as powerful as "B" engines, and so on. The number following the letter is the approximate thrust of the engine, in pounds. the final number and letter is the time delay, from the time that the thrust period of engine burn ends until the ejection charge fires; "3T" indicates a 3 second delay.” Eric read aloud from the Anarchist’s Cookbook. “Note: An extremely effective rocket propellant can be made by mixing aluminum dust with ammonium perchlorate and a very small amount of iron oxide. The mixture is bound together by an epoxy. A rocket bomb is simply what the name implies: a bomb that is delivered to its target by means of a rocket. Most people who would make such a device would use a model rocket engine to power the device. By cutting fins from balsa wood and gluing them to a large rocket engine, such as the Estes "C" engine, a basic rocket could be constructed. Then, by attaching a "crater maker", or COý cartridge bomb to the rocket, a bomb would be added. To insure that the fuse of the "crater maker" ignited, the clay over the ejection charge of the engine should be scraped off with a plastic tool. The fuse of the bomb should be touching the ejection charge, as shown below.” Eric scrolled down to look at the poorly drawn image on the screen that would help him build his rocket launcher. After several hours he had built, and tested his weapon of mass destruction, and it worked.

His place for testing this thing was the dump, which almost guaranteed that nobody would notice the craters the size of cars he made there. His rocket launcher was made of cardboard and several pounds of clay, and his ammo was a box of model rockets that he could easily strap explosives to. Eventually he grew tired of this place and began heading towards the school that was just several blocks away.

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