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ZDS #847 - Quoth The Raven

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Hello ZDaemon Sessions Heretic People,
This weekend it's time to play Quoth The Raven.
The maps/episodes were created this year in speed mapping events.
We play it Kill 'Em All with use exit.
So don't miss the fun and don't forget to choose a skin!




Game Mode: Survival (1 life)
IWAD: heretic.wad (sorry, no freedoom)
PWADs: puss28_qtr kill_em_all19heretic zds_addon_h13 heretic_skins4 - https://monkey.zdaemon.org/wads/
Maps: E1M1 - E3M9 (with secret maps)
DMFLAGS: 218185764 / 1343629312 / 128
Players: 32 + 16 beholder
Skill: 3 // Thou art a smite-meister


Extra settings:
set use_exit 1




Date: November 25th, 2023
19:30 UTC (2:30 PM ET)

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Wishing you folks lots of fun! I'm glad I built co-op teleporters and added large amounts of extra monsters and ammo to my maps but have to apologize in advance for the 3D bridge ;).


I hope me and others involved with the project will be able to join in!

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