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What does bfg stand for?

What does BFG stand for?  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. Tom's name, quake's name, or someone elses name?

    • "Big uh, freaking gun" -quake manual
    • Big F***ing gun
    • Bio Force Gun
    • OTHER

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Clearly nobody watched the movie otherwise you would know it's the Bio Force Gun.  But seriously, I always liked Big Fun Gun or even Best Friend Gun :3

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In the original game I think it stands for Big F✓cking Gun but in the movie it stands for Bio Force Gun

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It's actually named after its designer's school nickname, "Buff-Face Greg".

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after reading everything and giving my own opinion

ill settle it like this



11 hours ago, BeachThunder said:

Bountiful Fart Generator

quote of the decade

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Ah yes i remember watching the doom movie and waiting for something to happen and I see something i recognise. Oh it's the bfg and and bio force gun. that piece of junk can't even kill shit

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