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Christmas Countdown 2023

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Welcome to the Christmas Countdown 2023.


Thought I would shake things up this year and count down the days to Christmas.

It is exactly a month today until Santa comes so get ready for DOOM-related festivities. 



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3 hours ago, ReeseJamPiece said:

image.png.7e228463b9cdd602e9f159f1c3611cff.pngCaco-cookies for Christmas


Remember to make those holes behind the cookies to make it more realistic.

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I have yet to see a Christmas themed Doom mod that uses Dance of the Sugar Plum Lunatic from Memento Mori II which is very ironic: 


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Every December I play through Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter.


I've been sat here wondering what other 90's games got Christmas expansions/spinoffs.

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On 11/27/2023 at 7:37 PM, ReeseJamPiece said:

28 days until Christmas. 


What's on your wish list this season?


if possible, a brompton, please! :)


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No bah humbug from me! The only thing I want for xmas is to be left alone to enjoy my day. And watch movies. An early Happy Holidays to those who celebrate. Best wishes!

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