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What's your favorite DOOM song?

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Sign of Evil is the best composition easily, but let down by midi limitations. Remixes of Sign of Evil kick major ass. Bye Bye American Pie though is dollar store Them Bones and I find it needlessly charming. Though the source material is better for sure.

DOOM, Message for The Archvile, and Into Sandy's City are pretty close to sign of evil's excellent composition but fared better in the midi format. DOOM has a slow start but I think it's my favorite once it really kicks into gear. Worthy of it's name for sure. Doom 3's theme is also great, same with Aubrey's main theme from Doom PS1 and D64. Either of those two would make for a worthy series theme. Hiding the Secrets is another great doom 1 track that is better in remixes. See: 3DO Version of Hiding the Secrets.

I think it all comes down to tone really. There's a few staple tones in the original games. Dark but fun, jubilation, and fun but with a haunting or sinister edge. If that makes any sense. There's also atmospheric but I prefer compositions that elicit more emotions from me personally lol.

Cyberdemon's boss theme in episode 2 is up there too and is carried by it's fun with an edge and the emotions it spawns. It's tonally perfect, right up there with the best of the best. The composition is simple, but that fits really well for what sort of level it's being played in.

Edited by Thomased22 : Mixed up a song with another.

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Definitely Donna to The Rescue. Nobody Told Me About Id is a close second, but it's not something you can just pick up and listen to

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I don't think I really have ONE be-all-end-all favorite track, so I suppose listing my personal favorite from each major entry (excluding the Plutonia midi pack for fairness sake, and anything from The Ancient Gods as I've neither played either half of it and don't care to), my picks would have to be:

DOOM/The Ultimate DOOM:
Suspense (E1M5)


DOOM II: Hell On Earth:
The Demon's Dead (Map10)


Final DOOM: TNT Evilution:
Cold Subtleness (Map14)


DOOM 64:
The Rotted Foul (Map20)


DOOM (2016):


DOOM: Eternal:
Super Gore Nest

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Favorite iwad music definitely Sinister.


Pwad is a lot harder to decide, since there's a lot of god tier music in there.


around my top 10 are stars by stewboy, Plummeting by bucket, The mocus flow midi from bprd, Land of the able by mark klem, and the faces of wrath from stewboy again.

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Doom 2's Into Sandy's City, along with the text screen intermissions from both Doom 1 and 2, are my favorite tracks. I also really like the menu/title music in Doom PSX - shame that with Doom 64, it got simplified.

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Doom/Ultimate Doom - At Doom's Gate, Sign of Evil, Demons on the Prey


Doom 2 - Into Sandy's City


TNT - Death's Bells, Into the Beast's Belly


Doom 2016 - BFG Division


Doom Eternal - The Only Thing They Fear Is You

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oh dang, how could i forget about the no rest for the living midi pack, the best doom soundtrack

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From Doom:  "The Imp's Song," "The Demons from Adrian's Pen," and particularly "Dark Halls."  I always thought it was a shame that these songs were used in only a single level apiece.


Doom II's soundtrack wasn't quite as memorable, but "Waiting for Romero to Play" is a favourite...the perfect accompaniment to something as dark and moody as "Monster Condo."

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midi from BTSX E2M4

midi from Sunder M5 (orig. from Plutonia 2? I used to have all some midis in a playlist several laptops ago)

and the Mucus Flow

there's some midis by ribbiks, by eris falling (current name?) and by alfonzo I love but I'm not sure what levels they're from


original doom's music is whatever, it's community stuff I like

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iwads:  "Shawn's Got The Shotgun" but I have a soft spot for "The Healer Stalks"


custom wads:  Sunder Map 17, Sunder Map 32, Eviternity Map 19.  Eviternity 2 will probably earn a spot here too, especially Map 32


Non-Doom music used in Doom:  Sunlust Map 29, Eviternity Map 32

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The Ultimate Doom: "Sinister"

Doom II: "Getting Too Tense"

TNT: Evilution: "Horizon" (lol)

and I haven't played D2016 or DE

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On 12/1/2023 at 3:14 PM, JustHeziel said:


Thanks, Plutonia MIDI pack :) .

I just got done listening to this midi and, omg, I can see why this is your favorite. I need to start listening to the Plutonia MIDI Pack more after this lol.

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The Only Thing They Fear Is You is pure djent, so I'll go with that. My pick for classic Doom is probably Into Sandy's City.

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My favorite DOOM songs (from games discounting ports) are:


DOOM 1: Donna to the Rescue

Cliche choice but it's pretty nice, even if I prefer the bass boosted one on Youtube


DOOM 2: The Demon's Dead

I never saw it talked this much but it's a nice slow, yet harsh guitar riff, again, the bass boosted one is the one I prefer usually, despite the midi's being nide


DOOM 64: Stats Screen

While I like alot of the other songs in DOOM 64, the stats screen is by far the most metal, yet most horrifying one out of the Classic DOOM games, and I love it


DOOM 3: Main theme

I know this is a cliche one, but this rocks ok? I love listening to it a ton


DOOM 2016: Rust Dust and Guts

The least dubstep-y track in the game, this is trying to replicate hard metal, and it's mostly there, sounds the most cool also! But just with no dubstep please, as I've never considered DOOM 2016's tracks to be real Heavy Metal, atleast compared to either OG games, or others


DOOM Eternal: The 264 BPM one

While the other tracks are good, this takes the cake as being the best one by far, and it being unused is a sin, so what if the players had to deal with all monsters while tracks like these are playing? It fits, and could be really well done, but alas... maybe if they were dead-keen on that mindset they could've used it for beserk


DOOM Eternal TAG 1: Blood Swamps Heavy combat

Andrew Hulshult doing the DOOM ost after.. yeah, it's really nice to hear, it sounds kinda similar to what Mick Gordon did in a few ways, but it's distincitive enough to be it's own thing imo, and it's really good! You should listen to it


DOOM Eternal TAG 2: Imorra Super heavy Fighting thingy

I couldn't find anything for TAG 2, but this is the one I listen to the most in my free time, and David Levy is a really good musician alongside Hulshult, the two are like bread and butter! As for Immora though, it's heavy, with very few dubstep attributes

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Favorite Classic Doom Songs in order:


Ultimate Doom: Deep into the Code


REASON: The guitar in this song is just something else man. Even though this is a Slayer song which is awesome, it's still my favorite.



Doom II: * It's so hard to put one, so ima just list some of my favorite :) *


- DOOM (yes thats the song name lol)

REASON: The piano type of sound in this song towards the middle is fantastic and just the song itself is amazing.


- In The Dark

REASON: The *bum bummmm....bum...bum bum bummmm...bummm* is really sick and the way the guitar and the instruments get better every time is even better then before.


-Into Sandy City

REASON: An STP song and is my favorite Official DOOM song in the classic era. The energy in this song is crazy!!!


- Waiting for Romero to Play

REASON: My second favorite Official DOOM song in the classic era. My thoughts on this song is that when your playing a map that has this midi on it (MAP18 & MAP27), you get this good vibe in you and you just can't stop listening to it. Also, I know that this song is just "This Love" by PANTERA, which is a great song, but the DOOM II version is just way cooler.


- Bye Bye American Pie

REASON: OMG, Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands in the world!!! That's the only real reason why I love this song lol.


- Adrian's Sleep

REASON: This is also an Alice in Chains song but the midi version of this song sounds so amazing. I love it.






TNT Evilution:


-Let's Kill at Will

REASON: Now there might be some people that won't agree, but I think this song is one of the best. Just the solo guitar with the drums is so nice and clean. I don't know man, I think this is a great one.



REASON: The drums and the flow of the song is just something else I tell you. What a great song.

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Bobby Prince's classic Doom music is kind of mediocre to me, especially Doom 2's. Hearing the same riff over and over, with little variation other than 12-bar blues progressions, gets tiring to listen to after a few minutes. His work on Duke Nukem 3D and Demonstar is much better. There are a few good songs in there though, my favorites being "The End of DOOM" and "Read Me While Listening To This". Wonder why they put the best music in the text screens instead of actual maps...

And as for TNT, Death's Bells is probably my favorite but I like all the songs introduced here.

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