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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Realm of Chaos 25th Anniversary Edition

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What is the DWmegawad Club?

This is a place where we settle down, have a cup of tea (or drink of your choice) and take a month to play through a megawad on our own, together! Any keen observations, criticisms, or frustrated ranting about it goes here in the discussion. As long as you want to say something about what you've played, feel free to speak your mind.


Can I join?

Sure. The only rule is that you have to play at least some of the levels in our monthly megawad to contribute, but you're generally encouraged to finish the whole thing, even if you've played it before.


What levels am I allowed to post about?

Whatever day of the month it is, is the upper limit for the map you can post on. So if it’s the 6th, you may discuss up to MAP06.


Do I have to post an entry every day?

Nope, not at all. This is only for our more enthusiastic members. As long as you play through it with us you’re part of the club.


When do we vote on the next month’s megawad?

Voting begins on the 25th of the current month. Remember to add one “+++” before your vote to make it easier to count. For example:


+++ Ultimate Doom


Note that you can vote for up to three separate nominations in a single month, and every wad must contain at least three maps each. The winning nomination must receive at least four votes for a thread to be made. Ties will be decided by RNG.




Chaos rears its ugly head once more! Realm of Chaos: 25th Anniversary Edition is an enhanced remake of The Macintosh Team’s original 1996 Realm of Chaos, with musician-extraordinaire Cammy at the helm (who produced the entire soundtrack on a MacBook Air!) There are plenty of new graphics, new sprites, new room layouts, new enemy composition—all while remaining 100% vanilla compatible. So let’s check it out!


Author & Maplist:

MAP01 - “Dropoff” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP02 - “Outpost 27” by Antoni Chan

MAP03 - “Mars Base Alpha” by Clint Sago and Rob Berkowitz

MAP04 - “Sewers” by Jim Bagrow

MAP05 - “Mission Control” by Slava Pestov

MAP06 - “Splatterhouse” by Steve Duff

MAP07 - “Deathstay” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP08 - “Research Lab” by Slava Pestov

MAP09 - “Machine Gun Etiquette” by Steve Duff

MAP10 - “Hollow Oblivion” by Jason Fowler

MAP11 - “Mars Starport” by Antoni Chan

MAP12 - “Home Sweet Home” by Jason Fowler

MAP13 - “Bloodlands” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP14 - “Die Hard” by Jim Bagrow

MAP15 - “Infestation” by Rob Berkowitz


MAP31 - “The Mansion” by Slava Pestov

MAP32 - “Nowhere to Hide” by Rob Berkowitz


MAP16 - “The Wolf's Hour” by Jim Bagrow

MAP17 - “No Escape” by Antoni Chan

MAP18 - “Dead Radio” by Steve Duff

MAP19 - “Port Fury” by Steve Duff

MAP20 - “Teleporter Central” by Antoni Chan

MAP21 - “The Prison” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP22 - “Nova Akropola” by Steve Duff

MAP23 - “Ancalagon” by Steve Duff

MAP24 - “Burnt Guts” by Slava Pestov

MAP25 - “Castle of the Hell Knights” by Antoni Chan

MAP26 - “Above and Below” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP27 - “Venom” by Steve Duff

MAP28 - “Fortress of Death” by Slava Pestov

MAP29 - “The Fountain” by Rob Berkowitz

MAP30 - “Apocalypse” by Rob Berkowitz



Original Thread





The DWmegawad Club Metathread















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This is certainly on my to-play list so I'll join in this month, going to finish playing Hell's Bane first though. I never got around to playing the original but it sounds like these maps easily stand on their own and not just as a comparison to their earlier versions.

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Oh wow, I wasn't expecting this at all - it's an honor! Being called "musician-extraordinaire" by one of the community's apex-predator mappers just improved my day by a lot, haha. The DWMegawad Club thread for the original Realm of Chaos was one of my primary sources of ideas, and a great way to gauge what the general opinion of each level was, so this megawad owes one to you and your entourage, dobu.


I also posted this in RoC25's own thread, but if you're planning on playing it, here's an updated version of the wad with edits and fixes I've made to the first 19 maps (and also the secret maps).


I'll hang around and post about my thought processes behind these maps' (re)designs as they come up, and I'll probably chat about the music, too. Those of you who are planning on playing this month, I really hope you enjoy! :D

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I haven't played the original Realm of Chaos, but I'm sure those that did will have more interesting writeups as they get to compare the two versions. I'll mention right away that I strongly dislike the way most 90s maps play from a pistol start. It's like the weapons are scattered at random instead of placed before an encounter where they are needed. Hopefully that's not the case here. DSDA-Doom, UV, Pistol Starts with saves.


MAP01 - “Dropoff” by Rob Berkowitz 



Hitscanners everywhere! That's the main type of enemy, so cover should be used wisely. I didn't find the Berserk secret very useful, given this type of gameplay. The layout and detailing is very primitive, with mostly square rooms and hallways flood-filled of that grey computer panel texture. The final room is the most interesting, as you raise multiple bridges in the shape of a pentagram. The midi is a total banger, so the new soundtrack is something to look forward to.  

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I initially planned to only playtest this wad but since it got selected for this month, I will write some little reviews on each map and grade them as well. :)


I'm actually at map 21 in my testing and I will not replay them. However, I decided to play the original RoC maps in order to do a sort of comparative study, specifically in terms of layout.


Here are my self-imposed rules :


- I play on UV with some exceptions.

- I pistol-start each map.

- I don't save in original RoC's videos. My videos about the anniversary edition are recorded for testing purposes so I allow myself to save at will.

- I play on Doom2.exe

- I try to keep my steady approach as much as possible, I don't like running without purpose

- I'll compare the two layouts, with the old one always on the left and the new one on the right.


Map 01 : Dropoff






Cammy decided to keep this opener simple so the changes are quite minimal in terms of gameplay. The most notable improvment resides in the star-shaped bridge which is a nice idea since it matches with the title pic's logo. More generally, he has reduced the number of right angles, making the visuals slightly more appealing and less rudimentary, especially about the small outdoors surrounding the green armor. They still remain anecdotal but this natural part is now a bit worthy to look at. Mention should also be made of the work done on the lighting, with gradations in the corridors bringing the map up to date.


As far as music is concerned, RoC's maps are often not striking enough to require a specific soundtrack. Cammy's music in this map engages the player in spicy little encounters with hitscanners, but it could fit perfectly into other megawads.


I liked this map in both versions, but the improvement remains superficial overall, unlike the infanmous map 04, for example, in which the anniversary brought a lot of fixes.


Grade : B  (12,5/20) - About the new version

Grade : B- (12/20) - About the old version






Edited by Roofi

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Like with Spectre01, my thoughts are from the perspective of someone who hasn't played the original Realm of Chaos, so the 25th Anniversary Edition will be my first experience with it that'll probably lay a precedent if I ever decide to play the original. I'm giving thoughts on these maps on their own merits, so Cammy's improvements to the levels may or may not shine through to me, and I don't know if it'll be good feedback since this is still a release candidate.


MAP01: Dropoff

UV | Pistol start | No saves

K: 100% | I: 100% | S: 100%

It's MAP01, so it's nothing too crazy; there's a good handful of hitscanners though like Spectre01 said. I kinda just ran into the hallway I came from and took pistol potshots after grabbing the red key. I think the most notable part of this map is the final room where you press switches to raise paths in the shape of a pentagram; the "secret" blursphere lasted long enough for it to be useful against the chaingunners here, but you also have to shotgun a cacodemon here if you don't manage to nab the chaingun (and subsequently access the berserk secret that's useful for restoring health more than punching things). The level ends with you jumping a crevice on one of the pentagram's corners to the exit room. As expected from what I've heard of Cammy's musical work (mainly just MIDIs for Doom), the music elevates the experience; Dropoff's new track gets you a little pumped up for the first map, and the intermission track gives a nice sense of relief while still being boppin'. Another thing to note are the small graphical additions (like the blue HUD numbers, ammo pickups, and muzzle flashes, as well as the decorated health items) which are neat.

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Woof!, -cl2, pistol-start with saves


I've played the original Realms of Chaos two or so years ago, but back then I wasn't paying that much attention to the maps - in the end, I don't remember anything, so this will likely be a completely blind playthrough.


MAP01: Dropoff by Rob Berkowitz


Short, square and hitscanner-heavy. The red key ambush drops the walls to reveal more zombies around you, which I find to be the toughest fight of the map. The ending, where you build a pentagram to reach the exit is a neat sequence to cap off a solid opener. 


Out of curiosity, I checked the original version, the biggest change is a redesigned final arena, the windows in the blue key room (which doesn't contribute to the gameplay, but makes it much more pleasent to look at) and a chaingunner, whose gun you can use to speed up the fights.

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Map 01  Dropoff  by Rob Berkowitz


Such shotgunner paradise reminds me of Doom IWAD e1m3 on UV.

And for once the invisibilty secret felt like a real power-fantasy prize, rather than an a moderately useful gimmick.

That was fun.


The Star / Pentagram bridge superstructure in the final room is a cool idea, I must say.


Good map, sells the WAD pretty well. Let's see, what comes next.

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I've never heard of this wad's remake or the original so I can't compare versions, but it doesn't matter because I just want to participate.

I'll be playing the wad with Woof complevel 2. Decino-influenced playstyle where I play Ultra Violence, pistol start and get 100% kills and secrets, and If the map seems like a decent challenge (but not an overwhelming one, I'm not great at doom) I'll do it again saveless.

Map 01 ---------------------
Just a lot of shooting barely threatening hitscanners first with a pistol then with shotgun and chaingun, I didn't find this map much interesting but it's a map01, I'm sure the wad will get more interesting later. The ending with raising bridges forming a pentagram is pretty cool though. I can't comment on the midi because I played it with no sound.

This isn't specific to this map but the blue palette changing even muzzleflash looks nice.


No saveless rebeat, the map is easy.


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MAP02: Outpost 27 by Antoni Chan


The first notes of the midi sounded oddly familiar. I spent the whole lenght of Outpost 27 (so, like, 5 minutes) digging through my memory to figure out where I've heard it, when at the end it hit me - Andrew Hulshult's soundtrack for Nightmare Reaper, "Digging up Memories" specifically. 


Anyway, the map is a ring around the central room with the exit. Lack of space is the biggest threat, as the map is as cramped as some levels from Claustrophobia 1024, and there is a hell knight or two to fight with nothing but the most basic guns. I do think it looks better than MAP01, with less orthogonal shapes and more varied textures, but I didn't find it as fun as the first map.

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MAP01 - Dropoff (UV PS, Saveless)

Wait a goddamn minute, I have played this before! It was slightly different though?


At any rate, I had no idea Team TNT made another wad besides Enternal, Icarus and Evilution (and Daedalus I guess). The map feels like a less silver version of some of the Icarus' spaceship maps. An orthogonal layout, heavy on the hitscan (almost got me once), a competent layout, the HILLARIOUS crate-arrow and a ROCKIN midi that is probably too good for the map it's in. It does give the feeling of embarking on an adventure, of breaking into a facility and taking names, wiping the floor with some goons. The final room exists to showcase the snazzy pentagram that is impressive even today, and probably was all the rage in 96.


Wait ... TMT? Who are these guys? I guess they got the "plaster your team's logo all over the pickups, walls, weapons etc." shtick of the team TNT down. Also, why is the flame from the weapons blue? I guess it's supposed to be plasma or lasers but all I can think of is propane. Very pretty skybox.


MAP02: Outpust 27 (UV, PS, Saveless; Deaths: 1)

A claustrophobic circular map that has you fighting through cramped rooms of the onion to get to the centre of the map. It's a bunker in the middle of nowhere infested by hellspawn. The fighting is mostly clearing small rooms through the doors of the previous room. Would've been cool if at the end the walls fell down and there was a big fun fight but the map pretty much ends with a wet fart after you pick up the yellow key.

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Map02 -------------------------
I think the wad immediately gets better here. It's a very tiny and cramped claustrophobic map. The combat here isn't impressive again, it's a lot of corridor shooting weak monsters that hide in corners or grinding out hell knights, it feels pretty filler-y, but what makes this map pretty cool is how it did backtracking. This map is very small and straightforward so backtracking here from one corner of the map to the other takes seconds and I feel like the mapper used it to his advantage well here. Once you get to the first key the constant backtracking and re-use of areas begins and with how fast backtracking is here it becomes fun to navigate.



Saved but never diedwoof0060.png.95b4cf399e5cbf78d1e5918b38175443.png


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OK, first time here, i will try to play most if not all of this as a way to encourage me to finish doom wads, that i haven't finish one since almost a month ago


MAP01: DROPOFF by Rob Berkowitz


Extremely 1996. It checks everything for a map of its time being made in absolute shit editors. the layout is just boxes and corridors, check. Is mostly hitscanners, check. It has some sort of weird gimmick like that switch sequence with unusual architecture, check. 


For it's time is not "bad" perse, is just that it is really bland, even for a wad opener, i just can point out the unique 90's feel it has.  5/10

Edited by Cutman 999

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MAP02 - “Outpost 27” by Antoni Chan


Kind of fun in its 90's weirdness. I think other than Iikka Keränen's work, i haven't seen a doom map so cramped, although different that in those requiem maps, the combat is not absolutely dogshit, possibly because is low tier enemies that you can deal with in less than 5 minutes. The progression and unique layout are cute, simple and effective, less is more! Only have to say that some of the enemy placement is weird as shit, like that random arachnotron in the outdoors that couldn't do almost anything because the area was small as shit, and it was restarting its movement counter over and over again.



Edited by Cutman 999

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MAP03 - “Mars Base Alpha” by Clint Sago and Rob Berkowitz





Good map, efficient map. Some parts can be cut, like the shootout with knee deep in the deadites in that dark corridor, but the combat is good for 90's standards, having good fights in cramped spaces that forces you to react quickly. I'm worried that the rest of the wad would have a lot of fights over tight fucking corridors, but for now it is actually what gives some sustance to the map.



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Oh gosh, looking at things I might be the only alumni to be essentially replaying this (Albeit with a bit of a face-lift thanks to Cammy)


MAP01 - “Dropoff” by Rob Berkowitz


So what did 2013 me have to say about this map.


Computer textures as the major wall texture, interesting. The architecture was bland but reasonably functional and served a purpose. The red key trap was nice. The rest of the map, not so keen, the going back to the start part was a little irritating but the map is small enough so it's not much of an issue, it could have been marked at the start though. The final part was a little boring and one of the platforms did not work for some reason. No bother though.


So what about this time;


Well the highlight is still the red key trap that can zing you good and proper, the rest of the map is childs play in comparison. Again the computer textures are the primary texture used and the map still feels a little rough around the edges. The switch sequence to reveal the pentagram is neat, though it is an aesthetic purpose only in my opinion. The map is serviceable.

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MAP02 - “Outpost 27” by Antoni Chan



Not a fan of this one. It's cramped like a 1024 map and monster placement is in your face as you open doors. There is a Berserk, but the rooms and hallways are too narrow to have fun dodging enemies as you punch them. Very little to enjoy for me here.

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All maps played from pistol start on UV. This isn't a set I've played before so I won't be comparing original versions of these maps, though I probably wouldn't be playing it if I was!


Map 01: Drop Off

by Rob Berkowitz


Nice peppy midi opens this megawad, accompanying a fairly generic base map and some interesting Dehacked changes which give a blue tinge to the pistol fire and ammo for some reason! It does look like the shade of blue I can remember the Macs at school using in the mid 90s. 


Anyways, the use of the abbreviation TMT feels like more than a coincidence since these maps are very much constructed around a mid 90s mindset, with a somewhat less obnoxious version of what TNT was attempting. Hitscanners are basically everywhere, and there aren't exactly places to hide everywhere. I certainly wasn't expecting to find a shotgun directly behind the red key door though!


Otherwise, Rob Berkowitz once again displays a predilection for sudden window ambushes as in the one map I played of his from '99 I think was titled Beyond the Canyon but I could be wrong. Nothing quite as epic admittedly. The secrets were thankfully, not too terribly difficult to find. I'd almost be tempted to think the raising of the pentagram at the end had been watered down from the original, were it not for the perfect shape formed, but this seems like something that could be twice as long originally.




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Aight, let's do this shit.


MAP 01: DROPOFF (Woof, -complevel vanilla, -pistolstart)

Hello! I participated like once in the DWMC 2021 over this wad some time ago. I dropped off DWMC b/c I was juggling other pwads that I wanted to play and I, for one, struggle in putting my thoughts into words over just about anything. It's just how I am, but I'm down for this month b/c I've been keeping an eye out for this one for some time. Now is a great time to make a comeback.


Anyhow, I think I played like a bit of the OG RoC a long time ago when I first began to play classic DOOM in 2017. I was in high school at the time, and I think what made me abandon it was the shinier, more impressive megawads that captivated my attention. Yes, I had a Zoomer moment, but so far this pwad is beginning to impress me and turn the gears in my head over memory lane. I vaguely remember this big open area with the crates, and so far the 90s mapping is strong even in this anniversary edition, and I mean that in a good way. The new sprites really help out make things stand out a bit, from the medkits and stimpacks, to the new armor that reads TMT. This map is piss easy, it's something that won't deliver an electric shock to your balls, but it demands more for you to take cover and hide from getting hitscan'd. The invisible power up and berserk combo helps in mitigating this ez map. The pentagram raising at the end was cute, made you raise each line up individually.


For the sake of this pwad, I decided to make things feel even MORE like the 90s DOOM experience and turned off widescreen rendering + uncapped frame rate. If I'm going to play this, I'm going to commit to the bit and play this like how the kids did in '96.

Edited by VoanHead

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56 minutes ago, VoanHead said:

For the sake of this pwad, I decided to make things feel even MORE like the 90s DOOM experience and turned off widescreen rendering + uncapped frame rate. If I'm going to play this, I'm going to commit to the bit and play this like how the kids did in '96. 

320x200 35 fps rocks

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map01: Dropoff ended up being one of the less-adjusted maps overall, which is about what you would expect from the first map in the set. Aside from the final room, almost every change was either made to Thing placement or to the aesthetics. Like UUN4 surmised, the Berserk secret is more intended to refill your health than to be useful for punching things out in this map. The Chaingunner (and by extension his chaingun) is a new addition to this map that I think makes the red key ambush significantly spicier, and your intrinsic desire to grab his chaingun makes you very likely to discover that walking over that crate reveals a secret Berserk to juice you up so you can tear through the rest of the map with the chaingun. I'm proud of that little bit of design. In the original Realm of Chaos, that Berserk is a Soulsphere, and I'm the kind of guy who waits to pick Soulspheres up until I have full health, so it always soured my mood a little bit to have to pick that thing up after getting half my health lopped off by hitscanners.


The pentagram room at the end is the only huge change in this map, and I'm glad it made an impression! The original map's ending also tasks you with hitting switches to raise bridges over a nukage pit, but it's a straight line with much wider bridges, an extra switch or two that need hitting, and all it threw at you was some imps. It's slow, and if you tried to speed your way through it, you were liable to be punished by softlocking yourself. I feel like the new room keeps the spirit of the original while increasing the sense of danger, so it ends the map on a high note rather than a low one. It's also meant to foreshadow the much more intensive changes you can expect to see in the rest of the wad.


Nobody has mentioned this yet, but this sequence is inspired by a very similar bit from Memento Mori 2's map25. The big difference is that map throws a Cyberdemon at you, which wouldn't be very map01 of me.


map02: Outpost 27 is a fun little clear-out that's a huge pain to align textures in. Believe it or not, my original intent for this project was just to fix bugs, write music, and correct misaligned textures wherever they were obnoxiously obvious. Then, as time wore on my changes increased in scope, and suddenly maps were getting rather significant reworks.


This map, however, is almost immune to being reworked, in part because it's so fundamentally solid, but mostly because it's so small. Can't do much of a geometry facelift in an outpost this compact, and the original version actually features some pretty clean gradient lighting (which you will come to realize I rely on), so this is probably the single least changed map in the megawad when compared to its '96 counterpart.


In the original version of this map there are two secrets, and they both give you Blurspheres. The powerdowns are about as useless in Outpost 27 as they are in Dead Simple, so I replaced the first secret's contents with Mega Armor and an early Berserk, and I cut the second secret, which you got for jumping out of the window where the new Arachnotron was placed.

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Map 02 : Outpost 27





Apart from a few texturing tweaks, the level remains identical. Tiny and fun, though unremarkable.


Grade : C+ (11/20)  - old version

Grade : C+ (11/20) - new version






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map01 fda

blur sphere that actually felt useful, great midi and interesting ending room. good start!


map02 fda

interesting initial layout but becomes slightly tedious walking around and backwards and forwards. this almost feels like instead of the switches raising the centre, they should lower the outer walls, initiating a setpiece. i guess its map02, but felt like a missed opportunity.

Edited by rehelekretep

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Map 02: Outpost 27

by Antoni Chai


Compared to the early maps of even the first Memento Mori, this isn't really very good. The midi is hard to attack for sure with a certain air of 90sness that pervades the whole thing, though the arrangement is a little too sophisticated for that. This is a cramped and overly easy map. Although we did miss the courtyard secret the first time around (somehow). Speaking of, the central courtyard with the Imps is a tedious bridge puzzle that adds in a key for whatever reason. Though the crampedness helps here by giving the pair of Imps at the end some danger.




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MAP02 - “Outpost 27” by Antoni Chan


2013 me;


Cramped and small circular map with a central area with located exit. The cramped conditions at least make the hell knights a threat. I died once in the room with 3 chaingunners because I got caught out and then autoaim thought a wall was higher priority than the chaingunner in my face :P

 Yet again it's an all right map.



Well I didn't die this time :)

Well this isn't much to this map, a procedural slog through small rooms and endless doors culminating in the raising of ledges to get to the exit. Pretty forgettable in all honesty.

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So believe it or not, I actually finished the original just a week or two before RC1 of this version dropped. Even though that playthrough was quite drawn out by one distraction or another, it goes without saying that I still remember the originals well enough to go "yeah it's this one". So without further ado...


MAP01 - Dropoff

The changes make sense, and the last room's overhaul was a pleasant surprise. One thing that still sticks out to me as a bit too '90s is the arrow made of crates pointing to a secret. I feel like it could have been something more subtle, like an arrow-shaped sector with a slight difference in lighting and/or floor height.

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In my book, there's no such thing as "too '90s" unless the map crashes. I did my best to only correct mistakes, not silliness - I wouldn't dare sanitize RoC's insane sprites, for instance, because it's little things like that which serve the dual purpose of adding personality and reminding us not to take this whole thing too seriously. Even by those standards the crate arrow is pretty on the nose, but it was just too charming to get rid of. @Michael Jensen (who tested this megawad two times over and was an absolutely invaluable part of the process) also said I could stand to cut out the scrolling computer textures in this map for being too '90s, but I just couldn't bring myself to. :)

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Map03 --------------------------------------------
This map is way more impressive than the first two, also the biggest one so far. The combat here is very noticeably more mean here with the ambushes and tricks the map uses which makes its combat way less boring than the preceding maps (looks like a decent difficulty jump from the last map though). I also didn't feel like the combat here is just stretching out my playtime often, there isn't much grinding of pointless tanky enemies or random imps hiding in corners - if it's not dangerous it's quick. The map is also better visually, especially the beginning area with cool lighting, nice texturing and shaping more sophisticated than map01's big box rooms. A few rooms don't look as good as that one but it's never bad either. So definitely the best map so far and I hope it stays as good with some bigger maps next.woof0062.png.e5f3b42c605ef793bf0ba85f6f1fff8b.png


Saved and died by damaging floors while looking for secrets after killing all enemies. Used IDDT for the megaarmor secret, disappointed in myself.woof0061.png.39cd4453c97c7b1f32f85e7fe706bdd8.png


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1 hour ago, Cammy said:

In my book, there's no such thing as "too '90s" unless the map crashes.


I love me some '90s jank. :)

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