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Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

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12 Lines of Christmas - was a little slow, my map01 18s max didn't make the cut



Map01 Pacifist in 1.91 12lxmas01p191.zip

Map02 NM Speed in 4.94 12lxmas02n494.zip

Map02 Pacifist in 4.89 12lxmas02p489.zip

Map03 Pacifist in 4.89 12lxmas03p489.zip

Map04 UV-Speed in 12.49 12lxmas04- 1249.zip

Map04 UV-Max in 1:22 12lxmas04m122.zip

Map05 UV-Max in 1:25 12lxmas05m125.zip

Map05 NM-Speed in 2.69 12lxmas05n269.zip

Map05 Pacifist in 2.69 12lxmas05p269.zip

Map05 Nomo in 2.60 12lxmas05o260.zip

Map05 Stroller in 5.94 12lxmas05str594.zip

Map07 UV-Max in 4:37 12lxmas07m437.zip

Map07 Pacifist in 9.34 12lxmas07p934.zip


War on Xmas 2 map12 UV-Max in 1:45 wxm212m145.zip

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7 hours ago, Andrea Rovenski said:

that's incredible! nice little trick on 05 for the plasma, too, I didn't know about that one. Really cool stuff

Yeah, cool trick, but it's useless lol

You can grab the plasma in map 6 basically for free and you don't need it before that, so it can be easily skipped

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Yeah, there's room for improvement. First person to get their cyber pinned infighting wins, but the teleporting is not conducive to it.

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--- 12 MORE Days of Doommas

Map 04 Pacifist: 3:07.54 12md04p307.zip (https://youtu.be/1OSdRaPnzP8)

Map 04 NM-Speed: 3:14.86 12md04n314.zip (https://youtu.be/zNBrUZjsIWY)

Map 05 Pacifist: 48.40 12md05p048.zip (https://youtu.be/w9scIkQK_yc)

Map 05 Stroller: 1:49.34 12md05str149.zip (https://youtu.be/5vJqaLfaOr8)


--- DBP31

Map 11 Pacifist: 2:29.63 dbp3111p229.zip (https://youtu.be/k2gXW2MUWfA)

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