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Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

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Wrapping up another demo month! The final top three stands at:

  1. 🥇@Andrea Rovenski
  2. 🥈@Bredd
  3. 🥉@Niloquì

Finally, a winner that isn't Dubzzz. :^) A bit fewer demos than last winter month overall, but not by much, and one more participant than before (thanks, ppss for adding a few extra names to the sheet :p). Sad we just missed 420 runs, maybe I miscounted one or something, though, but I'm not gonna recheck. Good set of runs though, full maxtable for 100 Line Christmas is good, plus all the table filling on A War on Christmas: Part 2. Shoutouts to the death slide wars on Christmas Cheer from the Chillzone between Medi and Bredd (jury's still out on whether bringing in two extra friends as reinforcements counts as a win for Bredd's side). Good work also on the DBP31 table from Niloquì, and lots of different WADs from Andrea. Of course, the greatest achievement this month so far for me is still Poogers 15 secret exit, that's one of the coolest achievements of the year overall. Finally, great to welcome paymentplan back to demo recording for the holiday season!


For myself, I again made less progress in H2H than I would have hoped, so close to the full table. Not 100% on what my plan is for next year, waiting a full year to finish up just five maps sounds painful, heh, we'll see if I end up having Christmas 2 at some point beforehand for myself. :^)

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Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone, and thanks for putting these demo competitions together, 4shock. Made for a fun and festive way to get back into speed demos!

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