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Template/Example for using UMAPINFO to end the map when everything has been killed, for Boom/MBF21/etc

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Unsure if this should go in Mods & Resources, or Editing Tutorials, but anyhow...


Here's an example map/template to end the level when everything has been killed. Requires complevel 9 (or higher) and UMAPINFO, relies on some Dehacked edits.




v 1.01 fixed some missing BossDeath states. Made the blocking triangles larger.


Tested with dsda-doom 0.27.4, Woof 12.0.0.r85 (git), Eternity 4.03.00.pre.r1227 (git), GZDoom 4.11, PrBoom+UM 2.6.66

There still might be a bug somewhere.


You can play through it to try it out (monsters are behind invisible doors), or just kill everything with a cheat (KILLEM or MASSACRE in most ports). GZDoom won't kill the lost soul with cheats so you'll have to shoot it yourself. As long as all of each monster type is dead at some point, it doesn't matter if they come back, e.g. from Archvile ressurection, or Pain Elementals making new lost souls, which I guess could be a problem in a maps with a lot of either of those monsters.


How it works:

- a voodoo doll is on a conveyor blocked by 19 sectors (one for each monster type), each with a different tag

- DEHACKED is used to give all monsters that lack one a BossDeath action, needed for UMAPINFO's bossaction trigger (on both normal and gibbed deaths where needed)

- UMAPINFO has a bossaction trigger for each monster, for each sector that blocks the conveyor

- when all blocking sectors have raised, the voodoo doll crosses an exit linedef.

The relevant part of the map (the conveyor) uses tags 12880-12899 so you should be able to just copy and paste it into your map, as long as you aren't using those tag ranges.


If your map doesn't use every monster, you'll need to remove or resize the relevant blocking sectors from the conveyor. Check the UMAPINFO lump if you aren't sure which corresponds to which.


You're welcome to use, copy, and modify this as you please, I'd love to hear if it's useful or you make something with it.


This was inspired by @Vytaan's map Six Minute Massacre, which was a lot of fun, but where I thought ending the map with switches didn't fit all that well.


old screenshot, still gets the idea across:





The map music is file 'K01' from a game called Viper V16, which is apparently an old Japanese Hentai game. I just picked it at random from my huge collection of midis, I swear!


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