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The DWIronman League dies to: Rowdy Rudy's Revenge

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December, 2023


> The yearly standings

> The Ironman Discord Server


Standard Leaderboard

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  10. ...


Prepared Leaderboard



What is the Doomworld Ironman League?


The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom!


In December 2023 the DWIronman League dies to Rowdy Rudy's Revenge (-complevel 2), a set filled with custom weapons and enemies by @Doomkid. As someone who also, like Doomkid, holds a dear place in their heart for vanilla Doom, I am pretty happy (and astounded!) with seeing all the custom textures, but especially monsters and weapons present in this WAD. Personally, I have not played this WAD (apart from apparently having had MAP08 as fourish.wad on my HDD, but it was a vanilla Doom II map at that point without all the fancy new stuff), so it'll be a mostly blind foray for me as well. Oh, the joy of Christmas! Which I don't know how it will translate to this. But eh. Best of luck, Ironmen; you'll likely need it.


Essential Info

  • Doom II (doom2.wad).
  • Compatibility level 2, or "Doom (strict)" for ZDoom derivative ports.
  • 10 maps. 
  • Time estimate (if survival): I really don't know
  • Contains custom weapons and monsters. LOAD THE .DEH. ESSENTIAL.


> Download Rowdy Rudy's Revenge

prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file rwdyrudy.wad -deh rwdyrudy.deh -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp -warp




  • There are two competitions: Standard and Prepared:

    • To compete successfully in the Standard competition: your first play of the selected WAD(s) constitutes your one and only attempt for the month.

    • To compete successfully in the Prepared competition: your one and only attempt for the month is determined BY YOU immediately before play and may follow any prior number of active (playing the set) preparation that is strictly for practice/inspection purposes only. You cannot compete in the Standard competition after submitting a run to the Prepared competition. You may submit the first of your practice attempts to the Standard competition.

  • UV only (excepting 1CC format), continuous recording. No pistol-starting each level.
  • Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate), stream highlights and video recordings are the only accepted proofs. You must link to these runs in the thread. 
    • If you stream your run on Twitch, please highlight/save it so that it doesn't go missing in case someone's very late with the obituaries.
  • No additional WADs may be loaded. Cosmetic WADs are fine if they're purely cosmetic.
  • No inspection of the WAD(s)'s content in an editor if you are submitting a Standard run, its category 3 included.
  • No cheat codes and no features that result in behavior beyond what is possible in the intended source port (e.g. freelook, jumping and crouching in a boom set). This includes dynamic lights and brightmaps. If streaming or recording videos using an advanced source port with compatibility options, you must display these settings on-screen before your run. In ZDoom derivative ports, "Doom/Boom(strict)" will suffice.
  • If you choose to stream/record your run for video rather than provide a demo and you die before completing a single level, either on the first map of a set OR because a single level was selected for the month, you must display the number of monsters killed/remaining in the level before you quit.
  • You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the game having completed more secret levels than their competitors will rank higher than them.
  • You cannot load a game having progressed past the save point.
  • You cannot consult Doom Builder during your run to check for map details.
  • If the recording of your official run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be used to register a DNF result.
  • Accidentally restarting a level before a death exit takes you to the tally screen will stop your run immediately. You will still be registered as entering the next map (i.e. the one which you never entered) using a calculation to figure out what the intermission time would have been.
  • If you are competing in the Standard competition, you are required to affix one of three numbers to your run informing the League of your degree of familiarity with the map/set played. Note that your evaluation should only take into consideration the content covered in your run (e.g. if you remember only one part of a level in a set you haven't played before but never reach that level, you should list your run as a [1] instead of [2]):


  1. This is a blind run. If I have played or watched any of the level/set being played before, I cannot remember any details that would offer a reasonable advantage over truly blind players. *
  2. This is not a blind run. I have familiarity with the set - played the level/set before, or watched it being played, and can remember some details that would offer a reasonable advantage over blind players.
  3. This is not a blind run. While I have not outright played it, I've watched the level/set being played via stream, demo or video after it was announced as this month's challenge.


* "Reasonable" in this instance asks you to consider whether the details in question are worth committing to memory. As in, you would thank the person who gave you this information with a straight face and not expect to be laughed at for being an utter berk.


Previous threads:

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07 - Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well)

08 - Crusades (winner: Ribbiks)

09 - Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well)

10 - Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: WH-Wilou84)

11 - Perdition's Gate (winner: WH-Wilou84)

12 - UAC Ultra (winner: PjSpartacus)




01 - Jade Earth (winner: Demon of the Well)

02 - Legacy of Heroes (winner: Roofi)

03 - Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew)

04 - Mapgame (winner: ClonedPickle)

05 - Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well)

06 - Disturbia (winner: Ancalagon)

07 - Insertion (winner: Veinen)

08 - Unholy Realms (winner: Demon of the Well)

09 - Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well)

10 - Endgame & Endpoint (winner: Veinen)

11 - Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon)

12 - Doom the Way id Did (winner: kmc)




01 - Combat Shock 2 (winner: Killer5)

02 - Coffee Break E1 (winner: Eris)

03 - Warlock's Hearth (winner: Demon of the Well)

04 - 50 Monsters (winner: WH-Wilou84)

05 - Double Impact (winner: RjY)

06 - Rush (winner: WH-Wilou84)

07 - The Darkening E1 & E2 (winner: Veinen)

08 - The Plutonia Experiment (winner: Zero-Master)

09 - Community Chest 4 - MAP20: Interstellar Sickness and MAP21: Shaman's Device (winner: leodoom85)

10 - Doom 64 for Doom II (winner: Roofi)

11 - TNT: Renascence & TNT: Resistance (winner: an_mutt)

12 - Ultimate Doom the Way id Did (winner: an_mutt)




01 - Hellfire: Dreams (winner: Beginner)

02 - THT: Threnody - MAP10: Fomalhaut (winner: Scotty)

03 - Stardate 20X6 (winner: WH-Wilou84)

04 - Base Ganymede: Complete (winner: Vince Vega)

05 - The DWIronman League died waiting for SIGIL (winner: John Romero)

06 - SIGIL (winner: leodoom85)

07 - Vanguard & Lunatic (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

08 - 2017 Collection (winner: an_mutt - prep winner: Vince Vega)

09 - Revolution! (winner: NaZa - prep winner: Pegleg)

10 - Monster Hunter Part I & Part II (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

11 - Abcess (winner: Demon of the Well - prep winner: Steve D?)

12 - Scythe (winner: Spectre01 - prep winner: Arbys550)




01 - Hellscape (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Archi)

02 - No Sleep for the Dead (winner: Ancalagon - prep winner: Anima Zero)

03 - Baker's Dozen (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

04 - Occult Secrets of the Third Reich & Biotech is Godzilla (winner: joe-ilya - prep winner: Horus)

05 - Bloody Rust (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: dt_)

06 - Vrack 1, 2 and 3 (winner: ReaperAA - prep winner: Bashe)

07 - Running Late 2 (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Pegleg)

08 - Epic (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Daerik)

09 - Hell Revealed (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Crusader No Regret)

10 - Dark Resolution 2008 (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Austinado)

11 - 2002: A Doom Odyssey: 10th Anniversary Edition Episode 3 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

12 - Eviternity (winner: Daerik - prep winner: Pegleg)




01 - Sawdust (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Daerik)

02 - Alien Vendetta (winner: Demonologist - prep winner: Anima Zero)

03 - Criticality & Miasma (winner: Daerik - prep winner: Crusader No Regret)

04 - World Orifice (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Killer5)

05 - Violence (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: ScrappyMcDoogerton)

06 - Firebox (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: 4shockblast)

07 - Scythe 2 (winner: Arbys550 - prep winner: an_mutt)

08 - Resurgence (winner: Beginner - prep winner: Suitepee)

09 - The Eye (winner: galileo31dos01 - prep winner: an_mutt)

10 - Glaive & Glaive 2 (winner: Veinen - prep winner: Tezur0)

11 - Sunlust (winner: Daerik - prep winner: nobody)

12 - H2H-XMas (winner: Daerik - prep winner: 4shockblast)




01 - Realm of Shades (winner: mhrz - prep winner: Pegleg)

02 - Return to Hadron E1 (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: Maribo)

03 - Syringe (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: SCF)

04 - Jägermörder 1 and 2 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Maribo)

05 - The Rebirth (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: NaZa)

06 - Man on the Moon (winner: Master Medi - prep winner: ginc)

07 - Vigor (winner: akolai - prep winner: SCF)

08 - Somewhere in Time (winner: Archi - prep winner: NaZa)

09 - Sucker Punch 1 & 2 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

10 - Sharp Things (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: LadyMistDragon)
11 - Knee-Deep in the Dead + .deh (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: Lol 6)

12 - Christmas Cheer from the Chill Zone (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: NaZa)




01 - Bury My Heart Knee Deep (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Maribo)

02 - LAZAREVENANT - 13 map WIP demo (winner: Suitepee - prep winner: nobody)

03 - Demonic Deviation (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: nobody)

04 - Beyond Revival (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

05 - Malevolence (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

06 - Return to Purgatory (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

07 - Shotgun Symphony (winner: joe-ilya - prep winner: LadyMistDragon)

08 - Mutiny (winner: Asbadagba - prep winner: nobody)

09 - Containment Area (winner: LadyMistDragon - prep winner: nobody)

10 - U N W E L C O M E (winner: Master Medi - prep winner: nobody)

11 - Absolute Dishonor (winner: NaZa - prep winner: nobody)


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1 hour ago, NaZa said:

Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate)

Only those 4 allowed? Can't use woof?

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7 hours ago, Cilian said:

Only those 4 allowed? Can't use woof?

You may use anything that can record compatible demos in the appropriate format. AFAIK, Woof is fine.

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Cat 1, 
died on map05
152/174 kills
around 36:00 minutes total



I think I got a bit overconfident by that point because this isn't archvile and revenant hell or anything... and I didn't notice that chaingunner shredding me as I entered that ledge fight, classic 'where did my health go?' situation, if I played slow and safe things like this would be minimized, but I gotta go at least nominally fast to have fun, that's what my brain wants. I could have gone deeper on this one but 50% of the way there wasn't bad. With stuff like this, figuring out the dehacked strengths and weaknesses as fast as possible is the main enemy for early death. I had fun playing the mapset fwiw.



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Fuuuuuuuuuck, of course I screwed something up. I recorded what's probably a decent attempt, made it to map 03, but when I launched PrBoom+ to rewatch my demo, I forgot to change the command line, and so it started a new recording and in the demo settings it was set to OVERWRITE existing demos. Why the hell is this on by default?????? I didn't even know about it until now. BS.

And recording a prepared demo just isn't fun to me, since going blind is what's the coolest about this competition.

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Category: 1

Died on: MAP07 at 49:21

Kills: 100/109




Softlocked because I fell off without grabbing the key. Bleh.



There were a few other spots where I got stuck because it wasn't clear how to progress, although it shouldn't have taken me so long to notice that the hidden switch on map 6 opens the door below as well.


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Category: 1 (I really don't know anything about the layouts even if I've seen scattered clips for it before.


Dead on Map 08 at 54:33 with 154 out of 187 killed.


My endurance for these things is seriously lacking, as one can see from my mental faculties seeming to decline drastically toward the end. Not like that would have saved me necessarily - Doomkid really turns the screws in at the, exit?




Edited by LadyMistDragon

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Oh neat! I had an awesome time playing this last year. I’d love to do a cat 2 but if I put off my current roster of mapsets any more I’ll turn into a pumpkin probably, lol. Good luck everyone! :p

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On 12/5/2023 at 1:44 AM, Cilian said:

Only those 4 allowed? Can't use woof?


Oops, pardon. That sentence is a bit outdated. A lot of people have been using DSDA-Doom in the past (which isn't on there), for instance, as well as Woof, joe-ilya tends to use Nugget Doom and I'm pretty sure @Maribo used From Doom With Love a few times. The only important thing, as RjY said, is that the source port produces demos that can be played back in all those specified source-ports, I think. I personally stubbornly use prB+ with overflow emulations, despite the tragic start of the year I had due to them, to assault any softlocks head-on and provoke them like the mad man I am.


I'll provide my run during the weekend, with the added pressure of defending a very unlikely victory... and with the added pressure of midterms. Hooray!

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Died on map 8 : 154 / 187 kills
Time : 82:54

For the category i'm not sure, i played the second rowdy rudy but i saw the review from Mtpain. So 1 or 2 ?


I don't remember anything except for the fire cacos.


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13 hours ago, NaZa said:

Oops, pardon. That sentence is a bit outdated. A lot of people have been using DSDA-Doom in the past (which isn't on there), for instance, as well as Woof, joe-ilya tends to use Nugget Doom and I'm pretty sure @Maribo used From Doom With Love a few times.

You're definitely thinking of someone else, maybe @LadyMistDragon? I've only ever submitted Ironman runs with demos recorded on DSDA-Doom or PrBoom+ 2.6um.


Anyway, just my two cents but:

On 12/4/2023 at 5:11 PM, NaZa said:
  • Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate), stream highlights and video recordings are the only accepted proofs. You must link to these runs in the thread.  

This list really should be changed to something like (PrBoom+, DSDA-Doom, Woof, Crispy, Chocolate, or any demo-compatible derivative of these).

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9 hours ago, Brainfreezzzzz said:

Cat: 1

Died on Map 10 with 83/84

Entered Map 10 at 55:29

  Hide contents

I had to have the absolute worst possible timing on the ending elevator


Oh man, dead on the last map with one kill left! 😵

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Category: 1 (Blind)
Died on MAP08 (K 159/187): 1.31:11
DSDA-Doom 0.26.2 -complevel 2


Decent result for me! First time I progressed that far, yay



A bit careless and rough start but recovered. Middle map were even good. Avoided some traps. I prepared my BFG, I even new about Cyber and archies ... and I failed successfully

Never use the invisibility so blindly



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Category 1 demo. Survived in 1:38:59. There were few dangerous moments and I got completely lost in the final room (somehow), but I've managed to finish it.

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Category 1 run, starts at around 28:45.

Died on map 8 to a Cyberdemon with 196/203 monsters killed.


Not a bad way to end my year of Ironman attempts, but still a bit disappointed that I survived most of the intensity of map 8 only to die like....that.

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Category 1 (blind). I have played Rowdy Rudy 2 but not this one.


Entered MAP07 at 36:54, softlocked at roughly 45:00 with 111/115 monsters killed and a pretty big health/ammo stack (fuck!)

That being said, I definitely wouldn't have beaten asdadagba's time even if I survived, so there's no effect on the final leaderboard for the year. Dude clinched the gold with a solid run and frankly I'm lucky to be in second place lol.


Means of softlock: When you cross a linedef that is part of regular progression, a wall is supposed to lower that allows you to enter the area with the red skull key.

If you play on GZDoom in Doom(strict) compatibility mode, the wall sector gets permanently stuck trying to lower because there are items sitting on top of it and the sector height is too small. This bug does not happen on Boom(strict) mode, nor does it happen in DSDA-Doom -complevel 2 (otherwise everyone here would be complaining).

If the wall does not lower, regular progression takes you up an elevator and leaves you trapped and softlocked.


The WAD is fun, its Doomkid giving us some oldschool DeHackEd cheese.




Edited by ginc

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Category 2, but I died on map01 in like 2 minutes T_T




I was also considering sharing a joke run where I used DeHackEd Defense to play it with Rudy 2's much more powerful weapons. You'd think such a humilating defeat in the proper run would make that kind of catharsis more alluring, but instead it just knocked the motivation out of me.

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Category: 1

Dead on: MAP05

Kills: 79 / 174

Time on MAP04 exit: 18:06


First time participating in ironman! Had no prior knowledge of Rowdy Rudy apart from Dean of Doom's video from 2 years ago from which I didn't remember anything other than that there's a lot of custom content in this wad.


Ran out of ammo at map 5 and stumbled into a large enemy group and got myself killed.



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Category: 1
Dead on: MAP06
Kills: 64/86
Total time: 33:14

Well, perhaps is the luckiest run I have ever had. Both for finding secrets and for remaining health in many encounters, I even almost died on map 1 haha. In my death I think I got too confident and my Ironman nemesis (revenant) owned me again. I hate REVENANT MAN. Happy Holidays to all and see you next year.



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