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Only Pistol For You!!! WAD Game

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Hello guys!


This WAD is tested with GZDoom. I choose UDMF because it's good.

The description is moved to a file called readthis.chm (if you don't have Windows you're screwed).

Personally I prefer a dedicated program for the description (the .txt file is too simplex and mainstream).

I will not make another version. You must read readthis.chm! .




Version history:

v0.1 (initial release)


v2.0 (current, ultimate version)











Edited by PROTO32TYPE

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I like the principle but I find that the anxiety that one might have of having to face monsters with a gun is greatly diminished by the excessive power of it!

Perhaps we should have given a normal pistol first and then a “super pistol” to fight the more powerful monsters!

The simplicity of the level design didn't bother me and the secret level is really scary!;)

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In the version 1.0 I added more secrets (and you missed 2-3 secrets XD).

You should search the secrets exploring the maps, not skip the maps.

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Hello guys! I updated this topic. If anyone wants to make a great video I'm happy.

From 1 to 10 how do you rate this game? Send your comments.



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