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Anniversary Online Classic DOOM Flashmob

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Hi all!

DOOM's anniversary is approaching. I propose to organize a small flash mob activity.

The purpose of the event is to slightly attract the attention of the fan community to the game.


On December 10, in the evening, all players will launch the Steam version of the game at home to break the game’s online record, which is quite small (only 309 people). I think we can get a lot more people together without any problems. Even if there aren't too many of us, we can still set a small official record on the game's birthday.

Previously, similar flash mobs dedicated to Half-Life were able to break online game records and even attract media attention. I think we can do it too.


Start timing: (you can finish at any time, just don’t turn off the game on Steam)


Los Angeles (PDT) - 10 AM

New York (EDT) - 1 PM

Sao Paolo (BRT) - 2 AM

London (BST) - 6 PM

Paris/Moscow (CEST) - 7 PM

Istanbul (TRT) - 8 PM

Tokyo (JST) - 2 PM

Sydney (AEST) - 3 AM

Auckland (NZST) - 5 AM


We can do this! If you dont have steam version you may grab it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2280/DOOM_1993/



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So basically Half-Life 2's #BreakingTheBar event but with Doom

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No time to actually play right now, but I will launch the game at least.

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