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150 Line Massacre: The Golden Skulls (Vanilla Megawad, RC2/Final)

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"Rifts in time have opened up across the worlds, allowing the demons to pour in droves and wreak havoc. With Space and Time tearing itself apart, the UAC have traced the of the time rifts to the skull arbiters that have finally come out of hiding. This paradox has also brought you back from the dead... with your flesh restored, there's only one thing on your mind: revenge against those fiends that stole your soul. What about saving the earth from total collapse of time and space itself? If it means you can crush more demon skulls under your boot. Sure, why not."




150 Line Massacre: The Golden Skulls is a 36 map megawad by @NinjaDelphox, featuring maps by @Arsinikk, @Cacodemon187, and @Large Cat, and is a non-canon sequel to 100 Line Massacre. Originally intended as remaster of Ninja’s 5 Maps with 100 Lines, it turned into a full blown sequel featuring “remasters” of these original 5 maps that led to the eventual creation of 100 Line Massacre, along with reimaginings of these maps and 27 entirely new maps, including a previously unreleased 100 Line Massacre map! 


Like the previous Massacre wads, each map was designed with pistol start in mind, and includes the new skill Vile Cruelty (UV+), which contains multiplayer only monsters for an extra challenge.


150 Line Massacre also features a new gameplay mechanic: The Golden Skulls! Each map contains a hidden Golden Skull, and is required for a 100% playthrough, displaying a “Skulls” count at the end of each map instead of an item count.






Map 01 - Hillside by NinjaDelphox - Chapel Hidden in Smoke - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Map 02 - Battlegrounds by NinjaDelphox - Nothing Beats - Mega Man Zero 4

Map 03 - Courtyard by NinjaDelphox - Clockwork - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Map 04 - Cardinal architecture by NinjaDelphox - Norfair - Metroid: Zero Mission

Map 05 - The Fissure by NinjaDelphox - The Final Battle - Final Fantasy IV DS

Map 06 - Intermission I by NinjaDelphox - Out of Phase - Parasite Eve

Map 07 - Hillside Lake by NinjaDelphox - Emerald Mist - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Map 08 - Warzone by NinjaDelphox - Into the Dark Night - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Map 09 - Marble Garden by NinjaDelphox - Awake - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Map 10 - Redzone by NinjaDelphox - Across the View - Parasite Eve

Map 11 - Volcanic by NinjaDelphox - Volcano - Mega Man Zero 3

Map 12 - Intermission II by NinjaDelphox - Lunatic Pandora - Final Fantasy VIII

Map 13 - Hell is What you Make it by Arsinikk - Enemy Encounter - Alone in the Dark

Map 14 - Bloody Books by Arsinikk - The Everlasting Negative - Mark Klem

Map 15 - Deep in the Abyss by NinjaDelphox - The Abyss - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Map 16 - Headspace by Arsinikk - Succession of Witches - Final Fantasy VIII

map 17 - Valhalla by NinjaDelphox - Inner Quarters - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Map 18 - El Carnaval de Rondizzoni by Cacodemon187 - Unbreakable Will - Mega Man Unlimited

Map 19 - Lake of Rot by NinjaDelphox - Silent Madness - Castlevania 64

Map 20 - Citadel of Rot by NinjaDelphox - Wandering Flame - Final Fantasy X

Map 21 - Intermission III by NinjaDelphox - Missing Perspective - Parasite Eve

Map 22 - Cainhurst Rise by NinjaDelphox - Mini Boss - Super Metroid

Map 23 - Valley of Flame by NinjaDelphox - Consensus - Parasite Eve

Map 24 - Night of Black Knives by NinjaDelphox - War Agony - Darkstalkers 3

Map 25 - Rotting Garden by NinjaDelphox - Oriental Sentinels - Mega Man ZX Advent

Map 26 - Clockwork Rabbit by Arsinikk - Music Box Suite - Fable II - Arsinikk edit

Map 27 - The Spider Supplicant by Largecat - Preacher - Largecat

Map 28 - Temple of Zharkan by NinjaDelphox - Forever Torment - Darkstalkers 3

Map 29 - Palace of Time by NinjaDelphox - Morrigan's Theme - Darkstalkers 2

Map 30 - Hearts of Chaos by NinjaDelphox - Lichdragon Fortissax - Elden Ring

Map 31 - The Void Beyond by NinjaDelphox - Premonition - Final Fantasy VIII

Map 32 - Home of the Gods by NinjaDelphox - Fetus of God - Darkstalkers 3

Map 33 - Stop Burning by NinjaDelphox - Mattrex Stage - Mega Man X5

Map 34 - Paradigm Shift 150 by NinjaDelphox - Paradigm Shift - Final Fantasy XIII-2

Map 35 - Don't Die Lmao by NinjaDelphox - Man with the Machinegun - Final Fantasy VIII

Map 36 - Eye of the Beerholder by Arsinikk - Fuck Everything - Andrik Arkane - Arsinikk Cover



Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zWbdYmlAhk_AtOxCIwYdRord1mJRnPwP/view?usp=sharing




150 Line Massacre: The Golden Skulls is a vanilla compatible megawad (Complevel 2), and features many compatibility settings automatically applied to source ports for a proper and smooth experience.





NinjaDelphox  -  Map 01 - 12, 15, 17, 19 - 25, 28 - 35

Arsinikk  -  Map 13, 14, 16, 26. 36

Cacodemon187 - Map 18

Largecat - Map 27


Graphics (Titlepic, Interpic, etc.) by Arsinikk


All Mapinfo, Dehacked, Decorate, etc. by NinjaDelphox


* Additional Credits *


Animated exit switches and teleports by Arsinikk


Skies and OFALLB from OTEX by Ola Björling (ukiro)


Portal texture from MuumiPack by Muumi


Vanilla patch fixes from CC4-tex


God Cyberdemon sprites from Realm667 as Dark Cardinal - id software, Jimmy, zrrion the insect, Espi, Ebola


God Cyberdemon SFX From Metroid Prime


Heart sprites by Konami from Contra III


Heart death sound from Metroid Prime


Super Zombie sprites from Realm667 as Former Ranger - id software, MagicWazard


Arsinikk for making the Map 08 Golden Skull area work properly with monsters




Almost every map will suffer from the sprite limit in chocolate Doom and DOS,  and many will be unplayable, so it is recommended to use a sourceport.


Map 31 will savegame buffer overflow in Chocolate Doom and DOS.


While not common, intercept overflows may occur in more densely populated maps.

Edited by NinjaDelphox : Fixed embedded images

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Hell yeah! It was fun to make a map for this :)

The Line Massacre wads are always a joy to map for and blast through, and this one is no exception.

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Stoked to see this finally release.


This has actually been in development for a while as I remember making the animated exit flats and textures all the way back in April.


This release has some of my most experimental maps, including a MAP26 that doesn't even render correctly in DSDA Doom's opengl renderer (and to some extent, not exactly right in DSDA software either).


There's some tough maps in this set even for me, but I still hope y'all enjoy it :)

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If you blazed through 100 and 200 line massacre and thought it was for babies, 150 lines will give you something to sink your teeth into.

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Just posted a new update, same link as the OP.

Fixed an OpenGL HOM in Map 08

Fixed an enemy in Map 16

Added some ammo to Map 19

Fixed a secret in Map 20

Updated Map 33 to allow the golden skull to be obtained with no monsters.


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Made one last change to the wad, and I will consider this final and send it out to idgames by the end of the week so long as no issues pop up.

Change: (Spoiler for Map 27)


The Special Arachnotron got a health boost from 1000 to 1500.


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