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Yay for Dex

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André Majorel has let us know about the release of version 1.6.0 of Yadex, which is, of course, a Doom level editor for Linux and related OSes. New things and fixes in this version:

  • Improved support for HP-UX, OpenServer, QNX, Solaris and UnixWare
  • Installing in home directory now works
  • Better handling of config files
  • Hexen: slightly less broken support
  • Boom: added 130 linedef types
  • Boom: integer input now digs hexadecimal (handy for generalized types)
  • New experimental global editing mode
  • New split-doughnut function
  • Vastly better highlighting of things, vertices and linedefs
  • Now shows if several linedefs/sectors are tagged to this sector/linedef
  • [Shift]-[F1] and [Shift]-[Ins] revived
  • Fixed segfault on save-as on new levels

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Yadex is pretty cool, I used it to build parts of my Freedoom map02. But now that I'm not using Linux as my main OS anymore...

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