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Descent Into Hell - Level 3

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The level is almost finished. Probably another week - more or less.
As I don't want to wait till I finish the entire project to release levels I am releasing them one at a time so what I'm going to do is put out a release designed to play by itself then redo the weapons/ammo, etc... to go with the megawad and release all 3 finished maps in that way. That way - you have the choice of playing just the one level or playing the series if you wish. Anyway - here's some screenies - should be out soon.

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You just get better and better.

Still there a little blemish: In the last two screenshots the texture just above the oven with the marine in it is blatantly misaligned.

You should be able to fix that. Otherwise I am beggining to really like your metally style.

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Rotting Corpse said:

Yay,cant wait to play it. It looks like you use the Icon of sin as a wall texter. I hope we dont have to fight it.

I could tell you but that would give it away.

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