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New Weapon Replacement! Chaotic Arsenal!

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Since today is my 16th birthday, I thought I'd give everyone a nice and early christmas gift. No, this is not a map but a weapon replacement wad made with WhackEd4!

This is Chaotic Arsenal! A weapon wad with a DeHackEd patch that replaces the signature weapons with more disgustingly overpowered versions. I've tested this with Crispy Doom and works gracefully. The patch was made in the Ultimate Doom 1.9 engine. So this should be 100% vanilla compatible. Oh yeah, and your ammo capacity is increased too, so now you can slaughter demons more! So, let's get to the weapons, shall we?720118269_Screenshot(94).png.44fb9a5bb5b2de9152638f2cd94af4dc.png

Fists of Fury- Yeah, it's Shadow Warrior's Fists of Fury and all, but hey, but you can go "ATATATATATA" on the demons and that's cool.1634828063_Screenshot(95).png.097a92c2257a3878c0d35fcb274ba516.png

Armed Buzzsaw- A spinning sawblade that cuts enemies like knife through butter. With a higher fire rate than the original chainsaw, it splits Barons in half all quick.1252316452_Screenshot(96).png.9b07cc8510f8f7ef840bc363965e2df9.png

Micro Uzi- A truly superior replacement for the original peashooter, this thing fires much faster but still has the same damage as the pistol and it makes sounds of the AK47, don't ask how. It just works.1471245946_Screenshot(97).png.af8ef145809229bce08783ef3e5ed4c1.png

Striker- A powerful shotgun that has a drum magazine and fires much faster. Can easily take out hordes of fodder whilst barely taking cover while doing so.


Ultra Shotgun- 4 times better than it's cousin, the super shotgun and it's got 4 times the firepower. You don't even gotta reload, once again, don't ask. Just accept it, you'll never understand it's complex nature.


AK47- A quick firing assault rifle and burns bullets very quickly, and remember how I said that the micro uzi sounds like a AK47? Yeah, it's cuz of this weapon.


Double Rocket Launcher- Double the rockets, double the explosives, double the fun. With this non-stop, rocket-firing behemoth, using it against giant hordes of fodders will be super satisfying! Watch those giblets fly high!53415813_Screenshot(101).png.89683112ae41dd8792ac5b559374c55c.png

Super Plasmagun- An upgrade to the plasma rifle. This cannon fires a stream of quick red plasma projectiles. It has no recoil when you stop firing, so go cook some demon meat with this thing.


BFG 10001- Basically, Skulltag's BFG 10000 but it fires BFG balls and it has tracers. This thing is surely amazing!





So, what are you waiting for? Play some slaughtermaps and go wild! Credits are inside the wad file for the sprites and sounds. This will be my final wad this year, so have a merry christmas and a happy new year! I'll see you all in 2024!


The wad- ChaoticArsenal.zip

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That is just pure blast processing, I've never heard an AK firing at the speed of a Vulcan minigun, that shit's fuckin wild. Can't say it's a very practical loadout for balance, but I guess it's good for slaughter maps, like you alluded to.

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