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I need some help with zscript

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I think I remember seeing on the ZDoom wiki that you can change already existing actors with zscript (or maybe decorate) although I forgot where it was and how you do it.


I would like to know if anyone may have the link to the page or could say how to do it. :)

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9 hours ago, inkoalawetrust said:

I looked through and saw the replace thing in one of the examples which was what I was looking for. Thank you :)




I did some more testing with it and it doesn't seem to replace weapons that I start with. For example I am trying to make the pistol have an alt fire mode where it shoots a three round burst (which already works), however in order to get that pistol I have to spawn it via the command bar. Do you have to do something else to change the starting pistol?

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You need to either create a new inherited player class like so:

Class MyPlayer : DoomPlayer




               Player.StartItem "MyPistol";
               Player.StartItem "Clip", 75;




and in MAPINFO




       PlayerClasses = "MyPlayer" 



Or you can use a script/event handler that takes away the old weapon from player and gives him the new one when he enters the map.

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