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Ak47Fu2's Sprite Edit/Creation Repository

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These are sprites which I have made or edited that are free to use by everyone with credit (although if you can please tell me first so I can see them in use). Credits are included. I figured I should make these seperate since there are alot and I didn't want to clog up share your sprites and then have them get burried. I will edit this with more stuff whenever I edit or make something. Some of these are not that useful or unfinished but I figured I would put them out there incase someone has a use for them. Green Backgrounds means that I never finished the sheet. If something is not downloading right message me and I will send you a proper link.



Blue Blood Arachnotron (UNFINISHED because I found a better one lol)

Arachnotron Blue Blood Death Frames (UNFINISHED).png
Black Chaingun Sprites (yes I know they are not the best lol):

Black Chaingun.png
The Holt Textures:

Holt Textures.png
Radiation Protected Medipack (yes I know it makes no sense lol):

Radiation Protected Medipack.png
The Holt Props:

The Holt Props.png
Yellow blood sawcubus that was that in my mod. It was created because I wanted a varient that is alot faster and stronger. I just needed a way for it to look different.

Yellow Blooded Sawcubus.png

Shotgun Slugs:

Ultra Armor or Something Idk what this is lol:
Steel Bullet Cases:
Unfinished Bayonet Weapons (Pistol and Shotgun):

Wierd Purple Pistol thing:


Various Projectiles:

Doomguy Hud Faces:

More Holt Stuff. Can't say I am going to use it lol but I made it anyway lol.


Scitzo Textures:

Lizard Man Spike Prop:




Edited by ak47fu2

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