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Armageddon HellGear demo release

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The requirements are in the Word file and this wad contains 4 levels so in a full release it'll contain more than 20 levels so it may take some time in development also I will be making some enhancements in every map when I get closer to being done.

Here you go!


p.s. Have a kickass day!

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You've definitely got the idea of basic lighting and keycard progression down, but the maps have a terminal case of room->door->room-door->room going on. Linear progression isn't a bad thing, but adding multiple paths and changing the shape of rooms and using different textures every couple of rooms will improve upon things a lot.

Doortracks usually look less goofy if you check them to be lower unpegged in the editor, and the combat of the maps would be vastly improved by teleporting stuff in, or opening a monster closet behind the player when they progress forward.

Other than that, the maps weren't exactly bad. Keep mapping!

BTW, your wad has the Doom2 iwad sandwiched in amongst everything else, it's not supposed to be there, better fix it quick.

Also, there are two maps without map tags, I checked in SLADE3. I had to add them myself, despite not knowing what order they should be in.

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