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Good Boomer shooter YouTube channels

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Hey all,


Currently looking for good YouTube channels that cover old school fps games.


I regularly watch:






That Nukem Guy


Mutant Mods


Are there any good ones I’m missing or hidden gems out there? Let me know guys. Hooah!

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Sweet! I hadn’t heard of him. Looks like he has a lot of strategy and speed run vids.

I'm always looking for better ways to play. Thank you!

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Check out 'MandaloreGaming'. He isn't purely retro fps, in fact he seems quite interested in unique and forgotten genres but with it quite a number of old school shooters and takes a particular interest in their lore as well.

Marathon, System Shock, Necrovision, Stalker and Fire Warrior to name a few.

He presents with a monotone voice that's surprisingly interesting to listen to.

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pagb666 does a lot of no-commentary playthroughs of Doom WADs and other shooters, good to watch if you're not looking for commentary/reviews.

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Nice thank you Shepardus.

I think no commentary playthroughs are pretty relaxing to watch and sometimes a good way to learn some tricks. Just subscribed to them.

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That Trav Guy, play various games but also Boomer Shooters and their retrospectives or reviews are mostly on comparation with some of the length or size as Civvie11 (They even played together some video from Half Life)


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