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Blue Terror [A single vanilla map]

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good map...bit easy gameplay with lot of ammo n health....bit routine progression....secrets are not rewarding....fun to play

my fda prboom cl2 iddt n uv skill


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Easygoing difficulty and calming music give this a rather laid-back atmosphere. Looks good for how mono-colored it is. The big Baron/Knight clumps are perhaps not the most exciting of encounters. The maze section could have used a tiny bit more pep, too. It's a fine play otherwise. Very beginner friendly, I'd assume.


ZDoom 2.8.1 demos (FDA and successful attempt,  -skill 4):


Edited by DrRock : little text improvement

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5 hours ago, Delisk said:


I love how you tried to shoot the evil eye in case something happens.


John Romero, what have you done?!

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