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I tried all of what you suggested (sans the cheese) before asking my question, and nothing of this has worked for me. Since the fight was optional, I moved on. There's no point lingering in one arena when there are many more still to go.


But still, I wanted to know what's your designated tactic for this fight, mainly out of curiosity from the design perspective.



in the footage I've seen from all the other playtesters

Another reason I came to this thread was to look for any playthrough recordings, to see how others have dealt with this spot. But there are none :(.

Edited by Zalewa : cheese

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Like I wrote: "For me personally getting up close and taking out the archviles immediately works out best.". I do not have a 'designated tactic' for this fight but this is what I recommended before and would still recommend.

A simple search on Twitch gives me these VODs.

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