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Bravo Team - 3

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Chapter 3 – Situation Negative


“What the fuck!?! McGee exclaimed in a barely audible whisper.
“Watch your mouth” Jill Kennedy exclaimed slightly offended. The SAS soldier gave her a quick, angry glare.
The team had just emerged from the lift down to the monorail station that brought them to this hidden station. They were looking into a large courtyard of sorts. In the centre was a cage that seemed completely out of place. Four staircases led from the yard and each staircase had a bulkhead door with a sign on them.
McGee checked a sign.
It read: Barracks. His helmet computer reported that they were at a Military Installation.
Both soldiers went closer to the cage. They saw bony remains of human skeletons inside the cage. A lot of their bones were shattered or broken and some of the skeletons’ features were distorted.
“They locked up human survivors in that cage and toyed with them before killing them,” Sanders snarled grimly.
McGee scowled. His arm still hurt, but the pain was easing thanks to Ronnie’s treatment.
“Well, seems the coast it clear for us”
Sanders turned around and waved to the others, when events suddenly went into motion.

Four doors opened simultaneously and out poured several zombie soldiers. All in dirty clothes that were fairly worn down and blazing, yet strangely lifeless, red eyes. Sanders turned and opened fire with his chaingun, cutting down a group of former humans, but another group of former soldiers had already rushed up another staircase and were now opening fire. Sanders caught the majority of the enemy fire. Several bullets tore into his armour vest and a bullet almost tore his right arm off. He screamed in agony and the six-barrelled weapon fell to the floor with a clank. He turned around, surprisingly fast and pulled out his side arm, opening fire at the nearest reanimated soldiers, killing two of them with a couple of well-placed bullets.

A shotgun blast caught him in his side and hurled him screaming to the ground.

McGee had acted much wiser, but he was also saved because the majority of the enemy fire was concentrated on Sanders. As soon as the doors opened, he stormed back towards the lift door where they had come from. The rest of the team was now huddling there. Too frightened to do anything but stare in terrified stupidity.

The Brit hurled himself through the air and performed a roll back to safety. Not the prettiest roll due to the fact that he was wearing bulky combat armour and a fold up rocket launcher on a set of hatches on the back of his armour, but it was enough to bring him back to safety.

“Fuck, fuck fuck! They got Sanders!” He spat out.
This time, Jill didn’t comment on his bad language.
The former human soldiers were milling around in the courtyard. Projectiles soon came in the team’s direction.
McGee roared in his radio. “Situation negative! Repeat, situation negative! Sanders Down! Get those fucking engines ready for take off! We might have to get outta here soon! We’ll try and get Sanders out if he’s alive!”
“Leave him there, he’s probably dead!” Ronnie screamed, trying to be heard over the infernal noise of gunshots.
“And you call yourself a medic!? No-one gets left behind!”

“Give me a gun!” Jill yelled with a sudden, rock steady determination.
“What!?” McGee stared at her in surprise.
“I know how to use a piece! I was a cop before the damn invasion, just gimme a piece!”
The soldier didn’t argue, but fished up his own sidearm and threw it to her. She caught it in midair with ease.

McGee peeked around the corner, but swiftly pulled his head back just as a rain of unhealthy projectiles came his way. He unslung the rocket launcher, shouldered it and swiftly leapt up to the corner, firing it toward an opening where he last saw a crowd of former humans.
The orange ball of fire eliminated the enemy completely, but there were still more hostiles.
“Cover me, I’ll try and reach the staircase straight ahead and to the right!” Jill whispered in his throbbing ear.
“Gotcher,” McGee replied. He wasn’t happy about letting her go into the danger zone, but the best strategy would be to flank them. He pulled out his shotgun, aimed it around the corner and instantly opened fire. Jill darted forward, running as fast as she could.
McGee kept firing, even as bullets and pellets whizzed through the air. The fire was now being concentrated on the running woman. He saw every single target that he took down with every shot from his shotgun. He saw how the belly or chest of a filthy soldier with blazing red eyes exploded in gore every time the shotgun roared and jerked back in his hands. He frantically pulled the slide after each shot with well-trained routine, hearing the satisfying sharp clicking of the weapon loading another shell into the firing chamber.
He thought he heard a woman scream, but the voice of military discipline told him to keep firing.
“Nigel, I’m there!” He heard Jill’s voice shout accompanied by the barking of his sidearm, now used by her.
Her voice sounded strangely distorted.
“I’ll cover you! Go!” she yelled.
He leapt up with an incredible speed that only the best trained soldiers could perform and made a mad dash for the same staircase as the one where she was hiding. He saw her hands clutching the pistol behind the wall. A bright flash constantly escaped the pistol’s barrel as she fired it.
He just made it to safety when the pistol went empty.
“Got some spare clips?” she asked.
He threw some clips at her, and then noticed that she was bleeding from her arm.
“You’re hit, you’re bleeding!” he told her.
“Just a scratch,” she replied.
“I’ve got no time to play wounded!” McGee couldn’t help but smile at that statement.
Attagirl, he thought as he took over the shooting. He found that there was nearly no enemies left now and he killed the last two without too much trouble.

The rest of the team reluctantly came out of their hiding spot after the third time McGee had tried to convince them that the place was now safe. They all went over to Sanders’ body, while McGee reported back to Coburn that the situation was “doubtful but safe” and that he could cut the engines and relax for now.

To their surprise, the body wasn’t actually a body. Sanders was still alive.
“Don’t just stand there and stare at me like I’m a naked man in a women’s shower room, get me the damn medic!” he croaked.
Ronnie immediately took over his role as a Medic and started tending to the wounded Ranger, who was soon strong enough to walk again, though there wasn’t enough supplies to get him back up completely. They could all thank the highly advanced healing drugs that advanced technological advances had brought to medication. Ronnie had actually told them of a rumour that the UAC had developed a revolutionary miracle healing drug that could restore even people that were close to death to full strength in a matter of seconds. They had all dismissed that story and called it a fairy tale as it seemed just a bit too fantastic, but the current quality of healing drug was not to be underestimated either.

Ronnie also gave Jill a squirt of cream to tend her minor flesh wound, before the team went on. Ronnie wanted to head back, using the lack of medical supplies as an excuse, but the rest of the team denied, even though the civilian part of the team really wanted nothing but getting back home. McGee offered to take care of Sanders’ chaingun in exchange for his own shotgun. Sanders acknowledged with a grunt and handed over the silver grey weapon.

“Come on, we’ve encountered massive resistance here and almost got wiped out – let’s get back to the ship,” Ronnie begged.
“Negative! We’re continuing,” Sanders responded, but they could hear that he had been affected by having been so close to death.
“I want to discover the truth behind all this or die trying,” he croaked through dry lips under his helmet.


“Bio engineered soldiers,” Sarah Blaine said.
“Are you serious?” Sanders asked.
“Totally. I was briefly into Genetics before I took the direction of the stars instead. They were actually trying to create the perfect fighting man here I’m convinced!”

They were in an office. The installation had not had any other terrors in store for them so they had found the office with no opposition to halt them. They had found several areas that seemed to prove that this installation was some sort of obscure military testing facility. But what its actual purpose was, they didn’t know.
Jill had found a wrecked computer, which Roy Carpenter had fixed after an hour of work. They were all happy that he had such advanced equipment, otherwise it could have taken him several days to repair the machine. After Roy it was Jill’s turn and she soon came upon some very technical information.
Luckily, Blaine turned out to know about this. She had only been assigned to the team, because the FCE assumed she might know something about the different physics that applied on a Martian base, but so far, she had proven to be of little use. Until now where she told them about the purpose of this genetic experiment.
Jill scuffled through a number files more before she let out a puzzled exclamation.
“It says they actually had one successful outcome – it’s codenamed TX056. There’s no further explanation”
“Weird” McGee grunted and scowled his usual scowl when there was something he thought wasn’t right or something he plainly didn't understand.

“Keep checking Jill,” Sanders ordered. “There’s gotta be something telling us what became of this... super soldier – maybe it turned out a failed experiment after all”
“I doubt it,” Sarah retorted.
“Should an experiment that was an immediate success at first end up failed, the log proclaiming it a success would be deleted or modified – that was not the case here”
“Well maybe this ‘super soldier’ turned into a demon that spawned multiple demons – I don’t get this” Ronnie muttered.
McGee shrugged.
“I think this place was a weapons testing facility. I’ve seen several traces of weapons fired here – energy weapons! And those are not just signs of combat because those traces were in certain confined spaces and there has been left no trace of actual combat taking place in these areas”
“True,” Sarah replied thoughtfully. “But maybe this place was also to be a testing facility where they were going to “test” their ‘super soldier’ somehow”
“Could be, could very well be” McGee replied back.

Sanders thought out loud. “We’d best get moving folks – there’s nothing else here. No tangible evidence - at least not sufficient tangible evidence and that’s what we need”
They left the room and soon found the lift to another monorail station. This one was a shortcut to the Command Control Station.


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Cool. I didnt expect to see another chapter this fast.The action is veary well writen.try makeing say more then the F word .I secam more then f@ck when I pissed.
When you get a chance yuo should do a new hexen story. Mix the classes up have some form hexen 1&2. It be realy to see how you would make a necromancer. You can do realy crazy stuff with him cuz hes both good and evil.

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The "fuck" bit is really one of Nigel McGee's characteristics - he's supposed to be "fond" of that word, but since you find his repetitive exclamations a nuisance, I shall try and vary his vocabulary a little ;-)

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TheBlackKnight said:

I think this is the best part (so far). :)

Heh, it's also my favorite part thus far :-]

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Ooh, I hear rumours of a SoulSphere! I just love these little here-an'-there tidbits!

Anyway . . . Few more mechanical/grammatical ( ;) ) errors, but again they don't really detract from the overall story at all. I see of a lot of Character development here, which always keeps me going back to a story. Very nicely done, as always. Kudos dsm. :)

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