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Help me identify a long lost wad.

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I have no idea of the title, filename at all. This was a map for the original doom... i played it back in 1993/94 i believe. I think it was the first pwad i ever played. Anywho, it took place in a mansion, and for the time, it was quite believable.. I distinctly remember a master bedroom with a massive bed and a secret that you walk along the wall (very narrow), open a door and behind is a baron of hell (which btw i took out with a pistol, prolly why i remember it).

Ummm, there was also an outdoor hedge maze area, complete with a ton of cacos and a lot more barons in a box in the sky..
I've been trying to identify this map for years.. if anyone has any clue what it is, lemmie know.. i'm dying to play it again!

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It vaguely reminds me of a map that was called something like Kingme.wad. However, the wad of that name in the community archives is a DM wad, and not the same one. I may well have remembered the name wrong, but I'm fairly sure it had "king" in it. It might not be the same map either, but I certainly recall the hedge maze.

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