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Fast Texture Converting (HER/HEX -> DOOM)

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Is there a tool with which I can easily and very fast convert Heretic and Hexen (Palette) Textures to the Doom (Palette) Game?! Something like a "MassConverter" which automatically changes them to the Doom Palette so I don't have to export and import them with Wintex (all of them manually :().

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Yes - DeePsea F7:)

There are 3 ways to do this - I'll list the one with the least amount of work first which is exporting all the graphics you want into a single PWAD.

1. First select project you want to get the graphics from. For example, let's say it's HEXEN.PRJ.

2. First make sure you "Clear All Files" to make sure you have no graphics loaded from an external PWAD. Unless you want to convert the graphics in the PWAD too.

3. Now select F7 - Export. Check just the Graphics box and unselect all others. Then press show selected.

4. Check the "Grouping" box on the right and now press Select All.

5. Press WAD, select 1 PWAD and pick a file name to save all the graphics. Now you have all the graphics in one PWAD.

Now switch to the DOOM2.prj (or whatever) and also make sure you "Clear All Files" again. Also press F5 and on the right hand side type 500 in the "Additional Lump Entries", box. Exit and restart DeePsea.

6. Now open up the file you created.

7. Press F7 - DeePsea Graphics Editor and Select "Convert Textures" (sometimes an error message comes up, just ignore). Choose HEXEN as the graphics type.

8. Click Save All. You can save on top or make a new file. All done.


Another way is to export the Texture, Flats and Sprites in F7-DeePsea Graphics editor and make a file for each type - this won't get extraneous graphics though.

And yet Another way is to use the F7-Export, select all graphics as before in HEXEN.PRJ and then click BMP to export as individual images to a NEW directory which will make the next step a lot easier to do.

Then you can use F7- Merge Import and read all the BMPS back in using the DOOM2.PRJ. This is where the multi-open select comes in handy. Select about 1/2 the BMPS all at once in the Open Dialog using Shift+cursor key. Then select the other 1/2.

Choose your target (existing or new) and Save All.

For all the methods - Insert appropriate SS_START/SS_END FF_START/FF_END as appropriate. Goes pretty fast compared to any other method, although the first method is the fastest

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Thx a lot for the very detailed help :) I chose way 1 because I am a very lazy student and well... it worked fine ;)

And as you can see also very fast (it took me 2 minutes to read 6 to convert and 2 to reply :D Thx ;)

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Actually, there's a program that comes with dm2conv.exe called gfx maker that can make a wad with heretic patches for doom 2 and add the pnames and texture lumps. Try google and type dm2conv.exe. You don't have to do all those steps with deepsea. Just be sure to give the path of the three 'doom' games. Doom, doom2, and heretic. Sadly it doesn't convert hexen textures, mostly as this was created before hexen came out. And no, I didn't make this so don't even ask.

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Also doesn't work in XP:)

When you have to tell somebody exactly what to do, it looks like a lot of steps, but I bet if you did the same with DM2CONV and GFXMAKER you'll find it takes even more steps to explain. Program is not all that simple to understand. I just reread the docs - both sets - that took me longer than it took to type the above or to actually do it.

Btw, the above steps go in any direction to any combination. For example DOOM->HEXEN, or HEXEN->DOOM or DOOM->HERETIC or HERETIC->DOOM or HERETIC->HEXEN ... and so on. And if you include the TEXTURE/PNAMES of the games that will be merged too if you use the F7-Merge tool.

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