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Dingus Khan


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Kill All the Zombies!

Chapter 2

I could feel the blood rushing to my head as I fired, the bullets synching with the beats of my heart. Slimer and the gun were like a machine working together towards death. Main control room dead. He kill all zombies there. He know Hell coming. He know the zombies kill everything real bad. He make way through the station. He not zombie. Everything else is so zombie. He clean out. Slimer send them back to hell. He make way from elevator to control room. Kill everything on way there. Slimer find body of marine in the pile he kill. He pull him from pile and scream YOU NO LONGER MAKE SLIMER DUMB! I KNOW HE TRICKS ME! PEOPLE NO LAUGH AT SLIMER FOR WRONG BEING! YOU NOT BE THERE TO NOT LIKE ME! I JUST KILL YOU! HAHA! You see Slimer open closed doors. He leave control room now. You know where youre going. Youre trying to find where those zombies come from. I KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU! I ran so fast so hard down hallway. I find more zombies to kill. Yes he did. He found him and shot he’s pistol. Grabbing the pistol by the barrel he then proceeded to beat the already dead skull of the marine into oblivion. Blood spewed in fountains and rivers. Time flowed backwards as Slimer pummeled the marine God himself wept at the sight of all the blood. What a fucked up scene. Slimer hears the black box on marine. He guess it walkie-talkie. He like to play. He hear it say “Carleson! Are you alright! What the fuck is happening down there!” Slimer pick up box and scream WHO THIS! IF YOU ZOMBIE I KILL YOU, BOX! “Is that you, Jacob Drymer! What happened to Carleson!” YEEESS!!!! THIS SLIMER!!!! I KILL CARLESON!!! YOU NEXT YOU ZOMBIE!!! You break the box in your hands and start to run down the hall, screaming your rage toward the zombies. You gonna find that speaker from the box. You know Slimer is going to kill him all to hell. Slimer come to living quarters. He wish he had 4 quarters, he so thirsty from all the killing. The door to first quarter not open. He kick with all might is possible. The door FUCKING crumples. He open it so much he walk through. Inside the speaker is. He has his gun up. Slimer holds gun up and fires 4 shots. He out of bullets. It just click 4 times instead. “Morgan! Stop shooting for Christ’s sake! I’m on your side!” NO YOU NOT! YOU JUST ZOMBIE! “No Morgan. It’s all alright. If you just drop the gun I’ll help you. We’ll get out of here alive, I promise.” NO YOU PUT ME IN ZOMBIE TRAP AND EAT NO YOU ZOMBIE EAT FUCK KILL ME I NOT LIKE IT I NOT GIVE IN YOU JUST TRICK ME LIKE OTHER MARINE NO YOU NOT I KILL YOU NOW! “Morgan! Drop the fucking gun! I’m not a goddamned zombie! [Morgan slowly grab hammer in his belt] You have to believe me! If you don’t I’ll shoot you. I don’t want to shoot you!” Slimer throw hammer quickly and hardly. It hit speaker in the chest he fire two shots. One hit Slimer in thumb. He scream. I run to him and grab the hammer, pulling it from his chest. I then hack open the chest. I eat his heart. Oh FUCK IT GOOD. You can tell that Slimer is so sick of all this. You see him run out of the room to find more zombies to kill because his thirst never ends. He runs further down the hall when suddenly everything goes black.

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This --- has its parts. I wonder how such a Character as Slimer managed to get into the Marines with such a low IQ as that . . . Then again, DOOM takes place in the future, so maybe things have changed since then. *chuckles*

Anyway, I've always been told that jumping from one narrative to another is never a good idea, but if you're doing that purposely (which you hinted at in your last response to my comments) then I'm not gonna complain about that further, heh.

Despite it all, this is something I hope to see continued to its finish.

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