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Trouble with resolution setting in PRBoom

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Well, I tried to ask Colin Phipps this very same question, but with no success, since I got a message telling me that the e-mail couldn´t reach him. So I thought about asking it here: why every time I try to set the resolution to 800x600 in PRBoom v2.2.3 I get a message such as "Z_ChangeTag: freed a pointer without ZONEID" right after starting a new game with Doom2?

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I almost always use GLBoom.exe (the GL version of PrBoom) myself, and have never had any problems with changing the resolution. However, when I have used PrBoom.exe I have often got similar errors to the one you mention, often at the end of a demo I have been watching. I'm interested to know the answer to this, because some of my slower computers are less happy with OpenGL.

Anyway, the only solution I can suggest right now is "use GLBoom instead".

Also, cph's homepage provides some other possible means of contacting him.

Try checking here too.

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