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Dingus Khan

Kill All the Zombies. Chapter after 2.

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Kill All the Zombies

Chapter Drei

As children our eyes are so big, so bright…receiving all the world has to offer. Sometimes it doesn’t offer enough. Or it offers too much. Jacob lay in the dark with a demon above him, tearing at his insides. Death hovering like a red balloon…floating so unreal…the string keeping it fastened to the ground. In Slimer mind he dream. He dream of all the pretty things. They seem so real he touch. In huge field there tree. So green is the grass. So blue the sky was. Clouds rome passed. I feels so dizzy now. The demon disappears into the darkness from whence it came. A slow tingling arises throughout me. Darkness fades and red haze fills the gaps. My body; pushed through glass. Screaming.


Morgan raises to his elbows, Slimer catches his breath, Jacob starts to weep. Vision now percise again. You can see the room through flashes of light. The lights must go out then don’t they? Yes they do. Slimer stumble to his feet. He walk down hall. Again. He always walking down halls. He not remember why he walk down this hall. What happen before he wake up? Nothing? He so covered in blood? BLOOD! Whos blood!? He so not understand it.

Sometimes Judas’ mind loses track. His comprehension is so low that sometimes he forgets he even exists.

Slimer start running. He feel bile at the back of throat. Always running. He feels alone for a minute. Where everybody? He find bodys. He find pieces of wall crumpled down. He find disaster. Station fall apart, bang. Someone then kill people. Who do all this? Why? What happens to Slimer? Why he still alive? He find elevator. He go in and try to use, it broken. He lay in corner and cry…He curl up. He wish dead. Why he feel this way? I claw at the floor…scratching at metal. One nail splinters, flakes off. No longer energy to even scream my pain. You hear voices down the hall. “He went this way!” “We’ll find this sick fucker!” “Try that elevator!” They find him. Somebody still alive, maybe they help him. Maybe they explain this to him. He not understand. He stop crying and look up. There man is. “What happen? Will you help me? I don’t know where I am…” Other men come in the room. Man punches him. Blood on the elevator floor. Judas screaming “no! why you hit me?!” The other men start hitting him too. They drag him out elevator. Down hall. They tie him to chair in room and still beat him. Beat him till he unconscious again. He cry. He puke. He try to scream but cant. He explode. No one understand. No one listen. No one care. They just hit and hit and hurt and hurt. He come back to for a second…The veins in his neck like blood filled vines. Jaw clenched in agony. They punch until his jaw breaks. Consciousness lost again.

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*shudders* Phnoo, very graphic --- but not in a bad way. I must say I like this style much better than what you were using in your previous chapters. This style seems a bit more --- uh, constructed, put together, flowing; ah there we go, flowing. The previous style felt kindah jumpy/choppy.

Now I definitely can't wait to see more.

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