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Taking screenshots in Freedoom with gzdoom port:

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How can I find the command to take screenshots in Freedoom using the gzdoom port? Is there a list of commands for gzdoom or Freedoom? Where is the best place to find this list or lists if there is one?


Edit: 1-5-24 12:42 A.M. Ok, so I see here that 'shift+print-screen' snaps a screenshot into pictures folder (using openSUSE Tumbleweed here). Are there other ways that can be used to capture screenshots?


Edited by panorain : Update information.

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Freedoom is an IWAD, you can't use commands for Freedoom or configure it. Pressing Print Screen should do a screenshot and put it into the "Screenshots" folder in the GZDoom folder. You can also use the "screenshot" command. These are GZDoom commands: https://zdoom.org/wiki/CCMDs

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This depends on the source port (GZDoom), not the IWAD (Freedoom). For GZDoom there's a screenshot button you can set in the controls, in the "other" section. Since you're on Linux the screenshots would probably be in ~/.config/gzdoom/screenshots, but this can be set with the "screenshot_dir" option in the config file.

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