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Coming out tomorrow

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I'm releasing my newest map on Wednesday for Descent Into Hell in two different forms - the first, of course, is the one that will be added on with the previous levels and then there will be a separate release of the map called "The Hub" which is almost exactly the same except that it can be played "cold" if you will. I set the beginning of the map up with weapons necessary to start which aren't there in the map that goes with the megawad I'm working on. For those who have the first two levels, simply downloading the third level will be enough instead of downloading the whole thing all over.
Here are some screenies so you can see what's coming.

For more pics, etc... you can Click here

I've specifically designed this so that gameplay should be different every time you play it and there are a couple of small 3d features in there which you might appreciate. It works with pretty much everything but Vanilla doom2 and Edge. No problems with Zdoom, Legacy, Jdoom, etc...

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This one isn't as 3d intensive as Bloodworks was. But maybe you're referring to the second level of Descent Into Hell?
Anyway - it has a couple of 3d features but mostly this one is about the gameplay. I've been tweaking it for a week.
I hope everybody enjoys it.

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