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making a pink demon sculpt

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How should I make a Pink demon sculpt from D3? here's a few idea's, tell me what you like most

-Bathroom scean with fat zombie on base
-just the pinky standing there
-Pink demon ripping out of pipes

I'm leaning towards the pinky ripping out of pipes since I can't figure out how to make the mechanical hind legs.

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I reply out of pity. What are you talkin about? Im leaning towards you leanrning the art of coherent questions. Pinky (dog) should rip through pipes though. Like you little wind up, however.
Heretic out

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Shapeless said:

how to make the mechanical hind legs.

There's a couple things you can probably do: either sculpt the legs and find some kind of metallic (or even a shiny matte maybe) paint; or if you're going for really authentic, you can probably chop up sections of small metallic objects (shopping carts would work wonderfully) and try to do something with those.

Not that I'm a sculptor myself, just throwing out some ideas. Making some haphazard, bizarre hind legs would look damned cool on a demon sculpture anyway, IMO :)

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