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ending headaches.....

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DOOM has just completed NOLF, and he thought it has the most hilarious ending, and also thought it was the best ending. He tells his opinions to other Hellspawn and other PC Game characters...

DOOM was asleep however, from seeing the ending over and over from last night. He really liked the ending. The TV was on, and in the middle of a First Person Shooter Lounge Show by bigbadgangsta...

"Caleb:I liked that other bot.What was it called?

Duke:If you cant remeber its not that good.Now S.O.B bot for Duke Nukem 3d now theres a BOT!

Caleb:All bots suck.I hate bots as much as I hate DOOM and Duke Nukem 3d.I hate all your popular websites too!

*Ling of DOOMWORLD comes in with an AK-47*

Ling:Oh yeah?ALL of the popular sites?

Caleb:Yeah and just who are you?

Ling:Your god!

*Ling blasts a hole in Caleb's chest and then leaves to work on DOOMWORLD*

DOOM:Did you see that one coming?

Duke:Didnt have a damn clue."

"Damn!" DOOM yelled out, "I forgot to tell the others how I thought of NOLF's ending!"

The first visitor was Macvilewhore.

DOOM approached Mac's appartment and pressed his appropriate room number. It replied:

"This is Macvilewhore. SORRY I PISSED IN YOUR COFFEE BIATCH!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! Anyway, who is there?"

"This is DOOM from the DOOM Series and Quake 3 Arena," DOOM replied, "And next time, don't scare me by saying SORRY I PISSED IN YOUR COFFEE BIATCH!"

And after that, DOOM rode the elevator to the floor where Macvilewhore's Room was at. He rang the doorbell, and Macvilewhore came to it.

Doom then said: "What do you think about the ending from NOLF?"

"Hmm, well I'd say that it's pretty hilarious, but unfortunately, I think DOOM 2's ending is better, because every enemy in DOOM 2 is shown."

"Oh well, glad I asked you," DOOM concluded.

Macvilewhore closed the door and DOOM had a pale look.

"Crap, I should have known," DOOM Said to himself.

Oh well, maybe next time DOOM will find someone who thinks NOLF's ending is cool.

End of Part 1

P.S.: NOLF is short for No One Lives Forever

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Hmmm......Mac's an OK guy, but his coffee tastes funny all the time....

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