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Looking for a doom theme/mod

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Hi, a looooong time ago I played some doom theme/mod at my cousin's house.. It would be great if someone is able to tell me what's the name of it and where to get it... There are some things that I can remember of it:

Weapons include an electric toothbrush and some kind of chicken/egg launcher :)

I also remember that face of the doom guy in the hud was replaced with some guy with a sigar in his mouth..

I asked my cousin about the game some years after I played it, and he thought I meant some beavis & butthead theme for doom.

Hope someone knows what I'm talking about, coz I really wanna play the game :D I'm not 100% sure if it really was a doom theme, but I don't know what else it could be...

Please help me out :)


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thanks for the reply :)

hmm tried it and I don't think that's the one... :(

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