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What is your favorite doom midi?

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What is your favorite doom midi from either a pwad or the original doom?

My personal favorite is the mucus flow midi. Although repetitive, it is amazing.

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Nuts 3, Grove, and especially The Mucus Flow are my top favorites. Other favorites that I can think of off the top of my head:


-The Incessant Flow Of Time from Ancient Aliens

-River and Stars from Valiant (okay Stars is from Speed of Doom but I first heard it in Valiant)

-Death Mask, Seasons of Insanity, Always Watching, Blood Rush, Plugged In, Plummeting, Death's Toll, The Scarlet Citadel, Cry of Desperation aaand Plunge Saw from the Plutonia Midi Pack

-Death's Bells, Soldier of Chaos and Let's Kill At Will from TNT: Evilution

-Atmosphere from TNT: Revilution

-Escaping the Doomed Fortress and The Doom World Is Flat from the TNT Midi Pack

-Every song from BTSX E1 (well I've only played half of it, so I haven't heard all of them yet)

-Gravestones from GothicDM

-Every song from Chex Quest 1-3


I'm almost certainly forgetting some good songs but these are the ones that I listen to the most.

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"Mists Over the Mire" from Freedoom, by Picklehammer. I love pipe organs.

Might be loud and droning for some, but I'm emotionally attached to the thing.

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The track to "The Final Frontier" in the community Plutonia midi pack. Absolute King Crimson magic.

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I really like the evil and/or moody sounding midi's. I love all the tracks from the original games tbh, but i'll just pick a one from each game, at least the ones that use original music:

Doom - Sinister

Doom II - Message of the Archvile

Final Doom: TNT: Evilution - Smells Like Burning Corpse


(Just a few i can think of)

For PWAD's, anything by Mark Klem, Tom Mustaine or Jimmy. 



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I like too many of them to declare one my favorite, but this was among the first that I thought about:



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