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Odd jDoom/MD2 models problem

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I'm playing jDoom using the MD2 models and all of them work fine... except the Imp. When the Imp dies, it doesn't collapse in its normal death pose but instead freezes upright in the same position it was (but remains dead). I'm thinking this might be a bug in the copy of the MD2 models I have (possibly a discrepancy between scripted modelnames and the modelnames themselves?); all the other monsters function perfectly normally. I'm using jDoom 1.14.7 in case you're wondering.

Any help is appreciated. :)

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Rotting Corpse said:

Did you try redownloading it?

Tried it with the MD2 models, same result. Maybe I'll try redownloading jDoom instead...

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I tried using the latest version of jDoom too, and it's giving me the same problem.

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