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MXU discord wad demos

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This thread is for wads made by the associates of the MXU Discord. There will be more wads so here's a thread for them.



Wang (thread for complaints here) [-complevel 2] Wang is CL2. waXX-0000

Interlude (thread here) [-complevel 2] - inXX-0000 (not choco compat (probably not crispy either))


The wads are short and the maps shorter. Lots of quick max runs with a couple thoughtful ones. Plenty of index bait to be had.


Initial submissions from

All pacifist runs for wang.wad


map01 wa01p007.zip

map02 wa02p003.zip

map03 wa03p004.zip

map04 wa04p007.zip

map05 wa05p002.zip

map06 wa06p001.zip

map07 wa07p010.zip

map08 wa08p006.zip

map09 wa09p003.zip

map10 wa10p004.zip

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