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answer to : http://thefish.8m.com/arch2.htm

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Well well well...

First of all, my english is not as good as I wish! So...be patient !

You don't have send me any message, but i'm not afraid of you : I make the first step toward you !
For a man who is not afraid to put this on his site page :

<TITLE>I ate them...</TITLE>

and :
"I know so much about HTML that I stole this webpage from Adam Windsor"

So, you confess to ate them... and to be a stoler? ^_^ Amazing !

It's a friend of mine who tell me to read : http://thefish.8m.com/Arch2.htm
He said to me : "you must answer him"

"Well I noticed my name under the credit of "Onemore.wad"."

Great news : you recognize that I have not said to be in any way an author of any part of this wad collection !
You recognize that I always give credit to all the authors of the work I promot on my site !

"Authors may NOT use this WAD as a base to build additional WADs."

Have I build anything around your stuff ?
Have I changed or added anything in your stuff?
Have I putted it in a megawad as Doom2 with levels before and levels after?
I have not used "Class_ep" as a base !
I have not build any addionnal WADS!
Your work in entire, without any addition, in a whole episode !

"(No fondamental modification of the levels!)" Bullshit!
For starters, the wad is no longer named "Class_ep". "

He, you have forgotten your glasses?
Look at the "deh" file and you will se all the names : names of the levels, names of the authors.
Look at the screens I have made : the exact name is designed !
Here, I say that you are a liar !

" It no longer runs at episode 2. "

Oh yes : I have made that terrible thing!
I confess !
But why have I made that ?
You don't have noticed that the four episodes of that megawad were in a difficulty progression?
You don't have noticed that your work was so fine that I have decided to conclude the trilogy by a hit? (the fourth episode is not the conclusion of this megawad : it's a gift, very very very hard, as in the normal Ultimate Doom )

"The sky is different "

different of what?
Have you made a sky by yourself? No!
It's different to the Doom sky? Yes !
Why? You are the author of this Doom sky?

"(and ugly if I may add). "

thanks for your great appreciation of my work! Because it's my work!
I don't have stollen it !
I have made since a year around a thousand of skies... (check on my site, and you will see my work)
And those one don't aggree you !
I'm very sad of that, really, and it's not a joke !
Others players will appreciate your sentence !

"e2m5 and e2m6 were reversed when added to e3 because of e3's different secret exit."

it's a problem for you? Really? I'm sorry about that, really ! Because I have tried to keep all the features you have made !
I shall not want to modify any fondamental part of your work! And secret exits were a great part of it !

"he added missing textures. However, this fucks up the appearance for non-GL ports "

I really think you need glasses!
Have you noticed that my site is dedicated to opengl wads?
Guys who don't want to play opengl mode don't need to go on my site to download anything!
They can go on others excellents sites, as yours (but : why is there so few visitors...?) and play with original maps !
Are you really beleaving that my work make yours ugly?!?
It's a joke, he?...Yes, it's a joke! Ok : I'm comforted! ;-)

"Most notably Jive completely ruined the finale map e2m8. Since he bumped it to e3m8 the Cyberdemon trick no longer works "

Player have always the possibility, as I have made, to kill it, for the fun ! But, and I was terribly ennoyed with that, its death don't ended the episode ! Yes, it's the thruth! Finaly, it's not as terrible as you say :

"he made it fully possibly to completely skip the final battle"

But player have the choice to fight or not ! That ok! But I was in front of a choice : if I don't made that, I must decide to don't use your incredible work in my compilation! And I absolutely want it ! It was so fine !
So, I made a possibility to end properly the level, without pressing the "Esc" touch...! I was not happy of that decision, but I had no choice ! (and I have send an email to ask you to make modification! Do you remember? I think you don't remember that...!)

"He never emailed me notifying me of it either."

"Are you a liar ?!? I have send you an email, when I was trying it and when I discover this very annoying problem !
Oh yes : I can't prove it, because all my old sends are erased !
But, me, I'm not a liar !

"But under the root directory is just onemore.wad and onemore.txt"

Yes : I absolutely want to make honnest makings, and just in front of your eyes, you can't avoid it !
But all the necessary files are on the sub directory "Doc", with the exact name, and without any changement ! Because I always put authors in front, and not me! Ask around you : ask to Thierry Van Elsewé, King Elvis, MR. ROCKET, Paul Corfiatis, Phoebus, William Mull, Darknation, Bob Larkin, Alastair Montgomery, Ty Halderman, Marc Rousseau, Hellion, Bill Parker...and so on! All this great men know me ! Ask them who I am and what is my goal!
Ask them if you dare !
But you will not have the courage to make that, because you know that I am sure of me and sure of my serious!

I have keeped the best for the end :

"To top it off he lists himself as the author, which is misleading. "

Yes i'm the author of all those modifications, no one else!
Yes i'm the author of the forty graphic screens you can find in "onemore.wad"
Yes i'm the author of the "deh" file to put author in front !
And when I think that my goal was to bring you at the top... Thank you very much for your thanks!

To finish that long email (and because it's two and a half oclock in the night) and because I'm terribly tired, (and some of you know why...)
I will say that :
you can find on my site three megawads, made by Paul Fleshutes Moe541@aol.com :Vengeance, Invasion I and Invasion II.
For each of them I have made the same work as for yours...
Ask to Paul, and he will say to you that he have nothing to blame, and that he authorize that sort of work, because he now that, finaly, he is the great winner of my work...

I am now so tired...
So tired...
Go to bed !

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/me pours some lexmark color cartridge ink on this topic to try to make it at least half ways NOTBORINGTHEFUCKOUTTAUUU

/me....sniffs..... th ink

/me licks the ink

/me than passes in LüT's arms


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The hell is this?

It's the guy who, according to Anthony, modified the Classic series without being allowed to.

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Hm, what this guy don't realise is that "authors may NOT yadi yadi yada" is the same as "Touch this with any editor w/o my say so, and I'll brake your fingers".

BTW anyone else noticed that Mordeth got -28 postings? heh, Could it be so that when good ol Gaston deletes a post he get 1 less. ;) Go easy on the coffee there bud. :p

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