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Little Map i made. Have fun!

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Long time since i posted something. 3D Modelling took me over. Blender is just awesome.


So here is a map i made with Ultimate Doom Builder. I called it DeepDive, feel free to give it a better name.


Feedback would be nice, but i just enjoyed the process. Enjoy the Map and have a great day!



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whats the target port? is this doom 1 or 2? could you share some screens of the actual map? there's not enough information in the post.

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Just started it on UV. Little map huh? Very challenging, I've just begun exploring it, died plenty of times. I'm liking what I've seen so far, the action seems nonstop!

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Kind of reminds me of a John Cartwright map, though without the completely massive optional areas. One can tell you've had some practice but it has that unrefined, wild character that people not participating so much in community projects often display. It's mostly pretty nice to explore though, even if many areas are optional.



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Like others, I took "little" a bit too literally*, soon realized it would be big so, to avoid too many saves, went from HMP to HNTR.

Still needed some saves :


Died 5 times, once with the four mancubi on the left of the small imps "mountain" (southwest of the map), once to each archvile, once to a cyberdemon and, the most silly one, once to the second cyber (didn't realized they were two)


It took me 1h20 to go everywhere, kill everyone, and the trip was great.

Secrets are findable, sometimes generous, liked the "strange" one.


Overall, it's well balanced IMHO and nicely rewarding for casual players, challenging, yeah, but not punishing and inapproachable.

Liked the nonstop action feeling (like ARMCoder said).


Great work !


(Realized that, in fact, HNTR wasn't different from UV  :o ... )


* which is a bit silly because the picture of the map you posted shows it's not little...

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Thank you all for playing the map, especially the Videos are very helpful and fun to watch.


@Delisk Like that you took the Plasma and just jumped the Gap to the red skullkey. I wasnt sure about that shortcut, but i thought it needed some skils, so. Funny thing that you found the Super Shotgun so late.


@LadyMistDragon Nice time. My best time was approx. 22 Minutes. Go fast!


The optional exploration was intended, but i made it hard if you skip it. The Church is closed if you dont find the yellow skullkey and then you have to fight the Masterminds without the BFG. Still, there is a path.


The "strange" Secret was an experiment as i wanted to use some "new" GZDoom Features like Slopes or Polyobjects (those rotating sectors) this time.


@apichatpong 1h20 is huge, but glad you had fun with it as im making it. And yeah i didnt implement difficulty settings this time. Here is my Episode i posted some years ago, where i did that. Have fun with that one. The MediaFire links in the old post are dead, so uploading it here again is worth it, i think. There is much exploration in that one too. My favorite: BloodSewers, check that one out.


Have a nice day =)




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This was really good! Great job man. All of the spider masterminds at the end abruptly showing up was an oshit moment


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This map is REALLY FUN!
I love the end fight and the space defying house at the end.

Finding the secrets were not unfair, and the combat was very well done.
I am glad that the map gives many chances to find a bfg for the final fight, as well as making any Barons you find easier because of this.
I could see the dean of doom give this map an A+ for quality and a B- for difficulty.

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Posted (edited)

@Riclo500 Thx for playing and awesome playthrough. Got hectic sometimes and i think thats a good thing. Love how you prepared in the end and collected the "OP" Weapons after the Mastermind fight. Would love too add a desert after that. Like add the Alien Vendetta pyramide after that with a short jungle section between.


@Calcium Boxer Would love to see how fast someone can get here. 3 Minutes should be possible i think when taking the jump over the plasma gap and when you went straight to the red skull key. There is only one switch after that.


Nice to see that doom is still not in Hell yet. I think ill make more and try to be more active here. But my english is somewhat rusty sometimes (excuse for beeing introvert). Yes, its my fault im german. ;)

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