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Favorite Male Video Game Character

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13 hours ago, Pechudin said:

Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium (answer might change with time). Definitely not the detective duBois.




also hoagie from day of the tentacle and gregg from night in the woods. high points of irresponsible guy gaming

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2 hours ago, Li'l devil said:

People posting Coach from L4D2, but I actually really like Nick. His usual deadpan sarcastic attitude is pretty funny, and the voice acting is perfect for this role.


"Ellis, shut up contest! One, two, three, GO!"


I started playing L4D2 again about six months ago. Blows my mind that I still hear voice lines I have not heard before. Nick let out a good one a week or so ago I unfortunately can't remember but it was pretty hilarious.

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16 hours ago, ReaperAA said:




When he knows he's getting booty tonight.

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2 hours ago, Maximum Matt said:

Well, if I can't pick Doomguy, then it's obviously Halloween Harry -

Dude deserved a better game imo

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20 hours ago, Dubbag said:

Doomguy, Duke Nukem and Postal Dude


On 2/22/2024 at 9:22 AM, Doominator2 said:

Who's your favorite male video game character? (Doomguy not allowed)


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2 hours ago, Panzermann11 said:



lol some how I did not read that part my bad

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26 minutes ago, DNSKILL5 said:

Always and forever. 

as long as its not "Duke Nukem Forever"

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My memories are telling me this is Olaf from The Lost Vikings series.



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On 2/22/2024 at 1:54 PM, Mr. Freeze said:


I don't know who that guy is but there's only one Max Payne around here buddy

Edited by Captain red pants

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Apart from Leisure suit Larry, I'll go with Brandon from Legend of Kyrandia (but I haven't played more than ten video games with human character, all from the 80s/90s).


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As a cartoon video game character, Guybrush Threepwood.

As characters with a more complex story and morality, I don't know. There's a lot of choice out there between protagonists from GTAs, RDR, The Last of Us, Kotor, Alan Wake, a whole bunch of characters from indie games, etc. I really don’t know.


Honorable mention for Caleb from Blood. What a good voice actor can't do, huh?

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I really liked both villains from Aliens versus Predator 2, General Rykov and Dr. Eisenberg. Both have some very tragic backgrounds, and their extremely traumatic past experiences is what drives them to be what they are. Neither is portrayed exactly in a positive light, but they're both much more complex characters than many, many villains out there. I wish there was a movie adaptation of that game. (Recently I keep imagining Adam Driver as Dr. Eisenberg, but I'm not sure who could be a good Rykov.)


Samir Duran from Brood War is pretty cool too.

Always enjoy Duke Nukem's one-liners from 3D, and his casual attitude. But I'm also quite fond of John Galt's work on Lo Wang, even though sometimes the jokes sound crass and the character himself is extremely weird, come to think of it.


The ninjas from Mortal Kombat 1 & II captivated my imagination as a kid, but I'm not sure if I prefer any one of them or Raiden


And how can one forget the Prince?


I also believe that the Ordos Mentat Edric O from Dune 2000 is extremely cool


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as a character with thoughts and feelings and motivations, i'd say Gordon Freeman is my favorite even if his thoughts/feelings/motivations are completely unspoken and up to the player in a silent protagonist way. to me he's just a humble science guy trying his best but getting fucked over at every step and forced into increasingly dangerous situations that he conquers through sheer perseverance and an HEV-suit-supplied morphine high probably. he's not a big hunk of roided up meat who's built specifically for badassery, he's just an everyday man whom circumstances placed into an HEV suit, put a crowbar and a gun in his hand, and said "lmao go ahead pal, try to survive, i had bet some big interdimensional bucks on you so you better do" and also he's cute i would give him a hug and buy him a beer god knows he deserves it


but if we disregard all that and have me drool unstoppably over hot guys with hot voice acting then the list is very long but right now my favorite is Duke Nukem. idk why but that big hunk of roided up meat built specifically for badassery has somehow outranked even Samuel Hayden on the would scale i mean what

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Kim Kitsuragi (Disco Elysium) - motherfuckin' icon




Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect series)




Ralsei (Deltarune)




Harry Mason (Silent Hill 1) - best dad in the world




Rei (Breath of Fire III)





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14 minutes ago, Astar said:


Quite! A very good fluffy boye and as with all gotes, ideal for hugging.

Been obsessed with Adler from Signalis recently, he likes tall women, just like me fr.




Manny Calavera, Celso Flores, Sal Limones and Velasco are also pretty good, should play Grim Fandango again.

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Crüniac from Myth 2: Soulblighter.


He's a minor character but his character arc was very impactful.

The player doesn't control or see him in-game, and the only things we hear about him come from the (biased) narrator of the game.

He's initially perceived by the narrator negatively, coming off as a pompous officer who sends his soldiers on useless errands for political gains.

It turns out that's not the case at all, and Crüniac is not only a very competent and diligent officer with a ton of foresight, but might also know a lot more about the workings of the world then he lets on.


Minor spoilers for a more detailed overview.



Undead armies controlled by near immortal sorcerers almost wiped out all life 60 years before this game's plot begins in a great war (the last years of which you get to play through in the first game). Humans, dwarves and various other races won at a great cost, with the last big city standing being sacked and their last army essentially sacrificing themselves to a man just to ensure victory. Most people think they're gone for good and peace is something eternal by the start of the second game, despite some of the more knowledgeable people in the world knowing for certain this is not the case.


Crüniac's men are on a routine patrol when they come upon a village being attacked by the undead. They save the villagers who point them into the direction of a group of graverobbers. Turns out, the graverobbers are smuggling corpses to a corrupt baron.

Crüniac mounts an attack against the baron's fortress, using some clever tactics to overcome the baron's guards, who outnumber his own troops. Crüniac starts choking one of the captured guards randomly (to the narrator's shock), but it turns out that the guards were enthralled by some mind control magic. The guard, now free of brainrot, aids in the killing of the baron by giving up his secret escape route, but it turns out that this patrol has been kind of late as this particular fortress and the villages around it are on the farthest end of civilization.

What this means is that there's a huge undead army in the region somewhere, the rest of the kingdom has no idea wtf is going on and they won't be seeing any reinforcements soon.


Crüniac orders most of his forces to GTFO using a nearby bridge and also orders them to blow it up after they cross it, while he and his personal guard stay behind to blow up the fortress to prevent it from being recaptured and used by whoever is leading the undead.

By the next journal entry of the narrator, Crüniac is already dead.

Turns out, one of those near immortal sorcerers survived the great war and is now trying to wipe out all life again, this time mostly on his own (he wasn't the main villain in the first game, more like one of his sidekicks).

Crüniac got mortally wounded by that sorceror, but his personal guards sacrificed themselves to save his life, at least temporarily.

Crüniac's last actions are to run as fast as possible, while behind enemy lines, holding his guts into his body with his shield for who knows how long, just to regroup with his men, to let them know just how bad things really are, to praise the courage of his personal bodyguards and then and only then he dies.


To summarize, Crüniac is the main reason the good guys don't get caught with their pants down and have an actual fighting chance, and he gave up his own life to make sure of it.



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