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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.16

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Caleb:Man BBG hasnt written a FPSL in a long ass time.

Duke:Well crack is very important to him (I dont smoke crack its a joke)

DOOM:Must be.God knows Cacodemon Leader has been itching for another one.

Caleb:That bastard (just kidding Caco) just wants me to die.

DOOM:Hes not the only one you ugly bitch.


Caleb:Get down and tounge slap my balls you faggot.

DOOM:Naw.Im not a faggot.Your the one that wants me to "tounge slap" your nuts.

Duke:Yeah you faggot!

Caleb:Well go eat a dick.

Duke:You sure do like talking about Wangs!

Lo Wang:Did someone say WANG?!

Duke:Hey its my 3d realms eastern ninja,Lo Wang! (Lo Wang will now be in every FPSL from now on)

Lo Wang:Yes.Hey Duke wanna see my famous sword juggaling trick.

Duke:Hells yeah!
*Wang pulls out his katana and starts to balance it on his palm by the blade.He tosses it into the air and it goes sailing across the room.Caleb,Duke and DOOM watch it go flying.It flys right between Caleb's red eyes and through the back of his head*


Duke:Dont feel bad.He always dies.Hes like the kenny of the DOOMWORLD forums.

DOOM:Yeah hes a little cock slobber ho anyway.

Lo Wang:Ah ha!Well hes not getting this Wang.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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Just kidding, because I always like to see Caleb die in every FPSL Volume, because it is sooooo funny! Lo Wang kills Caleb! Boy, that is even funnier than any Ralphis Bashing thread.

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