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Dr. Cheesesteak

Games that have Quake movement AND Quake style levels/maps?

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Posted (edited)

Long story short, I've realized I do not like the combination of Quake movement with Quake style maps.  Games like Amid Evil and the recent Wrath: Aeon of Ruin just did not jive with me.  Funny enough, I actually love Quake games online.  Just not the campaigns of Quake style games.  Other games with Quake movement like Dusk and Hedon I loved.  But their maps and encounters (and better save systems to complement that) were different in style and more enjoyable for me.  


As a related question, which shooters are more Doom-like (both modern and retro Dooms)?  I think of Project Warlock, Ion Fury, Prodeus, the Shadow Warrior reboot, etc.  Maybe some of those are more Duke Nukem than Doom, but still in the same spirit of not having the combination of speed and labyrinthian maps like Quake.  One or the other is fine for me, just not both lol.  

Thanks for any and all input!

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I found them to be very poor quality, but except for their respawn/lives system I think the player-made "campaigns" for Cube 2/Sauerbraten might technically fit the bill.

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Posted (edited)

Did you check HROT? (Steam or GOG)? It is has that brown-style Quake 1 was renowned for. Lots of secrets in maps too. 

The weapon visuals are minimalistic and quite reminiscent of original Dusk (Dusk HD, the free DLC, changes that). 


It's a one-guy project so updates were slow. Fortunately 3 Episodes are available now. Here's some  E1M1 gameplay: youtube.  


note: from what I gather HROT means "spike" in Czech. 



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I recommend HROT if you like some Quake level design but be aware some levels are just hard punishment for mistakes (mostly ep.1 and early ep.2).


You can Also cheek slipseer to download mods and addons from Quake 1, many of them expand the lore for the original game, or make it full original ideas.


Hopefully also you can check the free Demo of Disdain it's a inspired Quake game but on VKDoom.

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