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Timesplitters 4 Tech Demo Found

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Posted (edited)

For anyone interested in Timesplitters, yesterday a tech demo for Timesplitters 4 was found on a PS3 Developer kit, it was then livestreamed (to interesting degrees of almost no success) to a crowd and then released online in the usual places (Archive org, HiddenPalace, unsure if I can link it here).


The build is somewhat rudimentary and mainly consists of one level to show off new lighting, weather and rain tech and not much else.


After the release people have found more, including functioning bots with new models and previously unseen test maps for previous entries.


This comes right off the back of Timesplitters Next being shown about 2 days ago, the ill fated freshly cancelled Fortnite knockoff third person live service (turned singleplayer, apparently).


Interesting developments all at once, whilst this isn't a grand Duke Nukem Forever 01 event, it's still a pretty cool footnote in Timesplitters history (probably the last one, tbh).

Also, the music in the leak slaps:


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yeah, they really dropped the ball on this franchise.

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Bucket said:

yeah, they really dropped the ball on this franchise.

Free Radical Design studio was shut down last year due to the ongoing Embracers Group fiasco. 

Between July an December last year, Embracers have cancelled 29 games (source gamingbolt). 


Otherwise, the Castle music on post 1 is absolutely incredible. *sigh*



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