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Do you have some screenshots to share?

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Hi J-Force (again lol)


Screenshots look really neat, 32 maps is a big accomplishment—would love to know more about the design vision and build time and stuff! What are the extra features that GZ is needed for? Should share more background details after so much work and such

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Hello Stupid Bunny,


I feel bad for starting a comment that way lol.


Thank you for the feedback.


So, I used Ultimate Doom builder and Slade 3. The Wad is put together in Boom format.

It took me around 7 months to complete it (Maps are fairly small for the most part) but that does'nt take away from the Challenge at all.


I was inspired by Doom Zero, Going Down and Deathless mostly.


so, GZDOOM allows for the 8th weapon slot to work. It's the machine gun that B.J Blazkowics used in wolfenstein 3D

same gun the SS soldiers use.


It allows for GLDEFS which makes the maps lighting more attractive.


Nothing major, just mostly visual things (plus I prefer GZDOOM)


but this will work with PRBOOM and GLBOOM.

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FYI, current link in OP points to a deleted version of the WAD.

On 3/11/2024 at 4:51 PM, JollyMelt said:

DNE (v 1.4).zip


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Posted (edited)
44 minutes ago, JollyMelt said:

oh yeah! The machine gun is classic! Thanks for putting that together!

Well , I do love Wolfenstein 3D. I figured it was time to finally put the gun in Doom's world. I always thought the Wolfenstein SS should have dropped a secret weapon anyway.  

Edited by Maple_Leaf_Fall

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Thanks for fixing the file download link. I spent a little bit of time with this; I died somewhere in

the 2nd map. This is a really neat project so far and I look forward to burning more time playing

it when I can find some of that time. Thanks for your contribution to Doom!

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Played the first two maps of this, great stuff! It reminds me of Half Life 2 in a way, with it's eery vibes and empty spaces that become enemy traps. Loved it!


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Thank you for playing! I've actually never played half life.. I've seen some gameplay but haven't tried it.

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