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New Doom 3 engine game?

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From pczone.co.uk

By way of its employment opportunities page, developer Human Head Studios has revealed plans to develop a game based on the Doom III engine. As to what that game is, well, no-one currently knows, but we're betting shirts, trousers and underwear that it's a first-person shooter of some flavour.

Human Head, which has already had Viking hack 'n' slash game Rune out the door and is currently working on Xbox Wild West shooter Dead Man's Hand, is looking in particular for a level designer. Experience with, and knowledge of, the Quake III engine and the Radiant level editor is mentioned as being required. Or, experience with creating levels using the Doom III engine. And a bit more.

Human Head Studios now joins the rather short list of developers known to be using the Doom III engine. The others being Raven Software with Quake IV, and of course id Software with Doom III.

If you'd like a peek at Human Head's job opening for yourself, check here.

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I don't know, you could make a pretty kickin' Barbie's Virtual Dreamhouse with the Doom3 engine.
mmmhm polygons... =P

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I thought nerve software was working with the Doom3 engine on a new franchise too ?

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