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Worst official level?

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On 4/23/2024 at 3:40 AM, Plerb said:

bad map.jpg


This map is the worst in the game , easily....... it's like if Sandy Petursen was "HIGH" as he was makign this Map! it's like he forgot that he was working at id stoftware, and instead was working as a DRUG dealer!!!!! he was snortieng PILES!!!!!!! as he made this map. It's like if he was SToned , and he did too much DRug's, and pased out onto the computer screen and shat out this map. All the other id member's are too blame for this aswell, as they did not ste p in for when sandy was makieng this Horredous pile of "GARBIDGE". Thsi is why you kill "John Romero" at the end of Doom 2.. as revenge for him that he didn't confiscate sandy's coumputer when he was makign this,, as well as his WEed. this map is a peace of Fucking cr*p. first of all the map is Piss, in terms of quality. i coudl make a betetr one in 5min. in this map it's like snady was consuming inhumane amount's, and we get to bear the brunt of it. Just how HIGH do you have to even be just do MAKE something like that.......... sandy know's the Answer. if there was a wolrd competiotn for how Stoned one man can get sandy petersen would win $10000000. this may have been his End goal, to quit id and live the HIGH life, literaly as he'd be smokign so much JOINT that he'd invent a new type of Consiousness. HOW did id softwaer didn't fire him right then and there for this blunder. he was also responsible for the new enemy type known as the "Evil Drugmaster" who is exactly what it sounds. doom 2 was much worse a game thanks to this new enemy. you cant' even DODGE his projectile's , not because of any "Skill Issue" of mine but because it's a bad enemy that shoot's too much. if i was sandt petersn i would cry Every night thinking about the negatively impact this map had on the "Doom Game", the gaming induestry in genereal, but most importantly, the Humble Gamer. The damage to the Humble Gamer is tremendous and can only be repaired if Sandy petersen pays me $10000 "Up Front" to remove this map from all copies of the doomgame, and gives me all those drug's so i can see what kind of "SMOKE" he's been using all this time, so i can attempt to make a map even worse . but what i was saying is the hubmle gamer's have been Negatively impacted by this map, many a gamer were broken not just there PC's , but their Saving's, in rage of this map, and have become complettely $0.000 broke. If sandy petersen gives me all those drug money i will GLADly pay back all those gamers lost in unfortanate situation`s, give them a new Car, and yes, an Ultimate Gamer Trophy rewarding those who fought back against the tyranical Sandy,

This made me LMAO out loud in the middle of the night. Screencapped and saved.


And since I ended up posting in this thread, I might as well contribute to the topic.

My personal least favorite map in Ultimate Doom is by far E4M1. I hate it. It's dickishly designed and unfun to play. Scarce ammo combined with overuse of barons locks you out of 100% kills. People in this thread complain about pistoling cacodemons to death in E3M1? I always took that as a given. But 20 shells and a few rockets against 4 fucking barons? Now that's what I call bullshit. But the main culprit, at least for me, are the randomly-placed teleport lines tossing monsters all across the map. They feel like they were put there purely to piss the player off. There's so many ways this map could've been made bearable: a chainsaw or a berserk pack hidden somewhere, allowing one to conserve ammo for the NIN secret, less barons, moving the map to a later point in the episode, a less cramped layout giving more dodging space and opportunities to start infighting, bare minimum of monster teleporters, or simply more health and ammo. But as it is, this map is an insufferable piece of crap, and if I'm playing it, it means that I either loaded Doom with Russian Overkill of Guncaster.

As for my least favorite Doom II map, I won't try to be original and say MAP13. It's painful to navigate, and visually is one of the dullest levels in the game. I always get stuck on it for half an hour, spending most of that time wondering where to go next. That being said, I don't hate Sandy Petersen's work as a rule. In fact, I enjoy replaying The Shores Of Hell more than any other episode, and appreciate the visual aesthetics of Inferno. The latter became inspiration for my custom levels.

I haven't finished TNT or started Plutonia yet, so too early to judge these.

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On 3/19/2024 at 6:40 PM, NuMetalManiak said:

Bad Dream


I would concour. This map is pain. And, I suck at Doom....not good combination.

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