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Marcos and aliases in Zdoom 1.23 b33

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In zdoom 1.23 b33 if u drop the console and type bind q "say heh hi" or something like that, it only prints heh how do i make my binds say more than one word? Also i have some aliases i would like to add to my config file but i dont know where to put them.

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I knew a guy named Marco that effin' HATES ZDoom.

say heh hi should be say "heh hi"
This is true in most applications. A strings beginning and end are often marked by QUOTATION MARKS. This is also true in literary dialogue. This knowledge will probably serve you well at some point in your life.

It is also interesting that anything you type in the console that is not a valid command is automatically sent as a message.

To define an alias, at the console type...
alias [name] "[command1]; [command2];"
...where name is what you want the name of the alias to be, and commands 1 and 2 (or 3, 4, as many as you like) are the commands you want the alias to run. The semicolons seperate the commands in the alias. Once your alias is defined, you may call it by name. If in [name] I put "STUPID," I could type "STUPID" (or bind a key to it) and it will call whatever I set for commands 1 and 2.

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